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1.  The President of the United States of America.                             4                         


2.  The First Lady of United States of America.                                 6


3.  The Revival is finished in North America.                                    11


4.  The complete destruction of United States of America.               14


5.  Rome in the Prophecy.                                                               21


6.  The Catholic church will rule.                                                     24


7.  Be careful to the Purple Curtain.                                                25


8.  The Vision of the Tent.                                                               26


9.  The last Seven Prophecies.                                                        27


10. The Third Pull.                                                                          30


11. Clothes like fig-tree leaves.                                                       33


12.  Jannes and Jambres at the End                                                 34


13.  The Final Persecution.                                                              35


14.  Brother Branham’s coming.                                                     36


15.  Infected Eggs at the End.                                                          38


16.  The last Pope.                                                                          39


17.  Marilyn Monroe.                                                                     39


18.  Judgment on Nations of the world.                                           40


19.  Judgment on California.                                                           41


20.  This Generation under Judgment.                                              50


21.  The World is getting mad.                                                        51


22.  Mark of the beast.                                                                   52


23.  The third World War.                                                              53


24.  They go only in Circle.                                                             54


25.  The fall of Berlin’s Wall.                                                           54


26.  Germany in the final Prophecy.                                                 55


27.  The Latter Rain.                                                                       56     


28.  The Twin Towers.                                                                    58


29.  Germ Warfare.                                                                        59


30.  The final Revival of the Bride.                                                   60


31.  The crucified the Second Pull, not the Third                              62


32.  I will run along the path again.                                                   63                          


33.  Moses and Elijah.                                                                     65


34.  The End of the World.                                                              66


35.  Statements about Brother Branham                                           67


36.  Conclusion.                                                                              75     
















“Do not despise prophecies”

(I° Thessalonians 5 : 20)




Chapter  1: The President of the United States of America




Jeffersonville  IN  60-0221

209. I--I wonder what takes place next, when the next President comes in? God give us one good godly man, old Dwight Eisenhower. And now, I ho... And watch what the next thing comes in. And we might have a rat the next time sure enough. But there is coming a Pharaoh who doesn't know Joseph. Remember that. I'll get to that just in a second. Politics is corrupted. We know that.



50. But did you notice in Revelations 13°, when the United States come up, is the only beast in the Bible that come up that did not come out of waters. The Bible said it come up out of the earth, where there was no peoples. That was this new kingdom. And it looked like a lamb, but after while it spoke like the dragon. That's this country. It's got to happen. Someday they'll make a mistake and elect the wrong guy. They'll raise up a Joseph--or a Pharaoh that doesn't know Joseph. They tried it before, and they'll do it again if they fail this time. It'll finally come; the Bible said so. And I'm not a politician; both sides of them are crooked. I'm casting my vote on Jesus Christ; He's the only One I'm interested in. But I tell you; you'd better wipe your glasses off now, if you expect any freedom for your children. I don't know how close it is. Pray. All right. 


CONDEMNATION BY REPRESENTATION  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-1113

6-5) 23. I do not think that Mr. Kennedy will have much effect now, because he'll make a wonderful president in order to bring in the others to get a scene set just like they have in England, like they did Mexico, like they did everywhere else, like that. And the American people, so unstable, not spiritually; they're smart, but too smart for their own good. Intelligence swings backward sometime and backfires. So they... (I'm preaching on that this morning, in a little bit.)

7-4) 28. Billy Graham, something mysterious, he canceled his. Tommy Osborn canceled his. And we all crossing the United States in meetings. I said, "America will either receive or reject Christ this year". Then I said, "When they elected in Indiana, a twenty-two year boy--year old boy to be judge," the Spirit of the Lord came on me and I said, "They'll finally have a president that'll be one of these crew cut, playboy, beatnik-type presidents, a lady's man". Now, them's predictions years ago. See where we're at? It's later than we think.

30-7) 187. And what did she do, according to the vision? She elected the wrong person. I don't know how long it'll take it to run out, but it will be someday. THUS SAITH THE LORD. It will.



123-4) 295. Read or hear "Jezebel Religion". As this country, our fore-fathers for--worshipped the way they wanted to, come to this country and pushed out the natives and took over; so did Israel take over when they come up out of Egypt. We had godly men like Washington, Lincoln. They had great godly men as David and so forth. Then they got a Ahab on the throne with a Jezebel behind him to direct him: so have we. So it's at this time in this country, that that person will appear. For it's in the Scripture, and it's THUS SAITH THE LORD.


ONE MAN’S INFLUENCE ON ANOTHER  -  Jeffersonville  IN  62-1013

165. No more than twenty years ago right from this same building, It told of President Kennedy coming in. It told exactly what would take place, that the women and so forth would put this fellow in, and exactly what he would be. And we knowed it all along, and told just exactly what would happen. And here it is today. And here is that conference coming up, the Federation of Church and all coming together. Why don't that put us in action? That's right. Uh-huh. Word by Word as He spoke, has been fulfilled right by us. It should put us in action.


WARNING THEN JUDGMENT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0724

160. But it's going to happen. Neither was Mussolini in power; neither was the Maginot Line built; neither did the car look like an egg in them days, and the things; neither did the women elect a President that would look like a--a college boy, and all these other things; neither would there be a Catholic President, and so forth, spoke of. About thirty years ago, or more, these things were predicted, but He only showed me way off down to the end.



Chapter  2: The First Lady of United States of America



GOD'S COVENANT WITH ABRAHAM  -  Charlotte  NC  56-0428

44. And remember, this is... America will... A--a woman... I--I better leave it alone. But just remember this. I predict that a woman will be president before we're annihilated. That's right. I said that in 1933 by a vision.


PAINTED-FACE JEZEBEL  -  Chicago  IL  56-1005

26. Now, and so then Jezebel, when she got in there, she stomped that little high heel shoe she was wearing, and she said, "Now, Ahab, I'll run this business". That's wrong to begin with. The man's the head of the house. All but in the United States, the woman's the head of the house here. This is a woman's country. The woman is the god of America.

I predict that before the coming of the Lord that a woman will be a great ruler in the United States, 'cause it's a woman's country. Started in Hollywood, that's how it run right on out.

28. So Jezebel, when she comes over, her little husband one day got kinda upset because that a man wouldn't break the tradition of God and the laws of God, to let him have his place, because the law said that he should keep his heritage, and it be handed down--Naboth.

But then, when we find out that he wouldn't do it, Ahab begin to pine and running and fell across the bed. And little Jezebel, the little butterfly, come and got him up in her lap and said, "Now, dear, what's wrong with you?"

Said, "Oh, Naboth wouldn't let me have his--his vineyard".

She said, "Don't worry, I'll get it for you. Who's the ruler of this kingdom anyhow?"

See, that puts me like in the mind of denominational barriers. See? "I'll get it for you. You just let me have my way. I'll get it". And she stomped her little foot, and run out there and got some more guys that was kinda backsliders, and went over and set up a false accusation against Naboth, and had him stoned and killed.


GOD KEEPS HIS WORD  -  Jeffersonville  IN  57-0120E

37) 91. Now, notice how that this little woman, such a cute little thing she must have been, but she absolutely swayed a nation.  

37) 92. And what have we got swayed by today? Remember, I predict this: that America is a woman lover. She's a woman worshipper. The spirit in America absolutely is woman possessed. These little women can up on Hollywood; they can walk out on the street and send more men to hell than all the barrooms you could clang together.

39) 98. And I predict that a woman will be a great woman. You younger people here tonight, remember Brother Branham has said this. And I said it in '33 when I saw the coming of the Lord. And how the automobiles would continually shape up like an egg, until finally they would come into a perfect egg shape. Maybe part of you here knows; it's written on old papers and things the morning when we was over here at the little Masonic temple, where we were having the--the parsonage over here on--on the next, second street over, where I was having the meetings…

40) And I seen a woman lying, vulgar as she was, and dominated the country. And I predict that a woman will either be President, or do, or come into great power of some sort in the United States before the total annihilation of the world. Keep that in mind, and I have said it.


BY FAITH, MOSES  -  Jeffersonville  IN  58-0720M

4) 8. Picking up, the other day, an old book, up there, reading some of the things that the Lord had told, foretold, already come to pass: about this juvenile stuff, and about how the war would come out. And all those things has hit.

4) 9. Just the two things left, and one of those great prophecies; that is, for cars to be on the road with remote control, looking like a egg, only you don't drive it; it controls itself. And then, there'll be a great woman rise up, 'cause America is a woman's nation. And it'll... A great woman will rise up and be president, or something like that in the nation, and then there will come a total annihilation, the entire nation will be wiped out. 


WHY ARE WE NOT A DENOMINATION?  -   Jeffersonville  IN  58-0927

136. And I said, “Remember, in that day, before the end time comes, before the end time comes, that a woman... Now, you all keep this wrote down. There'll be a great powerful woman raise up, either be President, or dictator, or some great powerful woman in this United States. And she'll sink under the influence of women. Now, you remember; that's THUS SAITH THE LORD”.


FROM THAT TIME  -  Klamath Falls  OR  60-0716

92. And so, this... I... I won't have time in this meeting to tell you. In 1933, this is a woman's nation. It's the number thirteen. It appears in the thirteenth chapter of Revelation: thirteen stars, thirteen stripes, thirteen... Everything's a thirteen. Everything is a woman. And remember, THUS SAITH THE LORD there will be a woman rule before the end time. She'll either be President, Vice President, or it'll be the Catholic church as a woman. I've seen her: A great woman, the nation bowed to her. It'll be one before the end time. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Write it down and find out, you young people. See if it happens. If it isn't, I'm a false prophet.


CONFERENCE  -  Shreveport  LA  60-1125

6. And I said, “It will come to pass before the end time comes that there will be a great woman stand up in the United States, because the United States is marked woman. Her number is thirteen, and she'll rise up, either be president, or (I put it in parentheses) perhaps the woman being beautiful and attractive will be the Catholic church but cruel at heart, and she'll lead the nation to pollution. …”


THE EPHESIAN CHURCH AGE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-1205

48. Now, and it said in there, “At that time, there'd be a great woman stand up in the United States". And she was dressed and beautiful, but she was cruel in heart. And I got a parenthesis on the vision, even yellow paper, said, “perhaps the Catholic church”. And the women being permitted to vote would help elect the wrong person for this nation. And that's what they done. Exactly. Now, said, “That would be the beginning”.


THE THYATIREAN CHURCH AGE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-1208

220. You remember the vision that was read here, 1933? I was going... The church wasn't even built. Didn't know what a vision was, called it a trance. I was just a young Baptist preacher, and we were...

226. Now, so then I said, "There will be in that time, during that time the woman will be permitted to vote, and they'll elect the wrong person (They did it on this last election. That's right.) which will start the stronghold. During that time it'll come to pass that--that there'll be a great woman rise up in the United States; she'll be beautifully dressed (And I got in parenthesis, perhaps the Catholic church. See?), that'll take rulership over the power, overpower the others in the United States. She'll be beautiful to look at, but she'll be cruel-hearted as she can be".


JEZEBEL RELIGION  -  Middletown  OH  61-0319

62. Oh, when Ahab was on the throne... You say, "He's on the throne". That's right, but Jezebel was the head behind that throne. She was the one that done the leading. Look how she took the very laws of the land and twisted them around, and for her own gain and for greed, and made Ahab do it because she was married to him. And that's the way with our leader today. I don't say he isn't a nice man, but look what's behind him: the harlot, the very thing that we run here, to be America for; the very principles that America's built upon... We, by our own free choosing, elected a thing like that.


DANIEL’S SEVENTY WEEKS  -  Jeffersonville  IN  61-0806

207. Now, I predicted and said, “I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful looking, dressed in real highly royals like purple”, and I got little parenthesis down here, "She was a great ruler in the United States, perhaps the Catholic church". A woman, some woman... I don't know her to be the Catholic church. I don't know. I can't say. Only thing I seen, I seen the woman; that was all.



THE SECOND SEAL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0319

277. It's strange, America is number thirteen and a woman. And strange it appears even in the 13th chapter of Revelation. We started out with thirteen stripes in the flag, thirteen stars, every--everything's thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, thirteen all the way down; and everything's woman, woman, woman all the way down.

278. And it finally end up, I predicted, a woman will control her. Remember that was thirty years ago I said it, and--and the--the seven things that I predicted, five of them's done come to pass. And they got the man right there now to bring her in. And you voted it in through your politics there. Yeah. Huh! All right.


THE FOURTH SEAL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0321

303. Well, that's the same thing we did. We had a Washington and a Lincoln, but look what we got now. And the very thing of it is, he's married and soused down and dyed-in-the-wool to Jezebel. He might be a pretty good sort of a fellow, but she's going to run the business. You see it right now; the whole family is coming in.

304. What did the Holy Spirit tell me about thirty-five years ago (And all of you old-timers know it.) of seven things that would happen before the end? This is the last--next to the last thing coming up. Everything else hit just exactly on the dot to the wars and everything else. See?


SOULS THAT ARE IN PRISON NOW  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-1110M

31-6) 184. Notice, what a great time we're living in. Them prophets rebuked them modern women in their days, and they both paid for it by their lives. History proves that each one of those times was a woman's world, when women control. Look about today. We'll have one President one of these days, look like could happen right now. Actually she is President. See? He's just a figurehead.

34-3) 203. Preach the Word, handle the Word, become a goddess, and the cause of every sin... The Bible said, "I suffer not a woman to teach or usurp any authority. Be in the obedience as also saith the--the law". See? You can't--can't do it. But they make her a ruler of the land, mayor, governor; soon she will be President. Sure. There you are. That's the way--that's way it goes. See? And people does that, because they don't care about this Word. They'll never see It.


BROKEN CISTERNS  -  Jeffersonville  IN  64-0726E

56. Then I said, “I seen a woman stand in the United States like a great queen or something. And she was beautiful to look at, but wicked in her heart. And she made the nation step--go to her step”.




Page 322-2.  Then in the sixth vision there arose up in America a most beautiful, but cruel woman. She held the people in her complete power. I believed that this was the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, though I knew it could possibly be a vision of some woman rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by women.    



Chapter  3:  The Revival is finished in North America


WHAT IS A VISION?  -  Chicago  IL  56-0408A

22-2) 111. And I say this and make this predicting. I'm not saying it in the Name of the Lord now. I'm saying it as your brother. I predict this. (And listen close.) I predict that America this year, the United States this year will either receive Christ, or she'll start falling from this year. Yeah.

22-3) 112. This is America's time to repent, and if it doesn't... I predicted that on, I think, about January the 15th or 16th of this year, just feeling led to say it, and it's--I've stuck with it, and I look at the wheels turning up.

22-6) 115. See, have to watch what you're talking about; watch what you're saying, but I believe that. Now, the Lord hasn't told me that, but I believe that, that America is either going to receive Christ or is going to turn Him down flatly this year; and I predict that they will turn Him down. I do.


DIVINE LOVE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  56-0826

15) 43. When I predicted six months ago that this was the closing year for America, and we'll see whether it is according to the Gospel or not. This is the time when she's gone. It's either going up or down this year. That's right.


THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  58-0309M

39) 99. And the revival is just about over. You remember as THUS SAITH THE LORD, I said, America made her final decision in 1946. Watch, since then. She's gone, and there's nothing left but judgment and chaos. Look what's happened in that much time. Just watch it, how it's going to keep faster and faster. We're at the end. We're living in the shadows of His coming.  


CONDEMNATION BY REPRESENTATION  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-1113

30-8) 188. She's on her downward move right now. She'll never come back again. She's gone. That's right. She's been gone since 1956 when she condemned and turned away God from the great revival hours.


FAITHFUL ABRAHAM  -  Richmond  VA  61-0312

74. Now, look. Sodom was sinners. They were perverted, just like the world is today. Great portions of this nation is completely gone. And as I said, "We're just being honeycombed with communism and everything". Every ism, it's... Many of you, if you'd put a righteous President in every county in the whole United States, it's still gone. She'll never rise again, THUS SAITH THE LORD. 1956 she made her fatal move. Now, and she took well on her way about three months ago.

Now, she's gone. Write it in your Bible; see if it's right.



140. Jesus said to Israel, "If you had only have known your day". One time setting on Mount Olives He looked over, said, "Jerusalem, oh, Jerusalem..." He wept. He looked down; He seen... Not in any comparison and maybe way it--the other night--other morning about ten o'clock when I saw that prostitute church. Down in your heart you feel the Holy Spirit dropping tears. "Jerusalem, oh, Jerusalem, how oft would I have hovered you. But what did you do? You killed the prophets that I sent to you. You murdered them". And the Messages has been sent to the church today has been murdered by their denominational dogmas. The Scripture has been murdered by their dogmas. Jesus said, "If you'd only knowed your day; but it's too far now; it's too late now". So is it with the churches.

141. I do believe with all my heart she's passed redemption. No matter what you want to think about it, it's your own opinion; this is mine. See? You don't have to have my opinion. But I believe she's passed redemption, and has been for the past five or six years. I remember--you remember Chicago. Watch what's happened since then, and watch it keep on happening. See? Remember, my name is before it; it's stuck out there; it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See if she hasn't dropped continually.


THE CHOOSING OF A BRIDE  -  Los Angeles  CA  65-0429E

37-1) 239. My brother, sister, I don't know what more to say. If I've found grace in your sight by the power of God, if you believe me to be His prophet... This is the first time in public I've ever said that, but I feel a strange warning of some sort. I'm not prone to this. You know I'm not. I don't act like this. I hesitated to speak that message and say those things. I run sideways and everything else to keep from doing it, but it's been said, and it'll stand at the day of the judgment as a witness that I've told the truth. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD!…?…

37-1) 240. Oh, Pentecost, run for your life. Flee to the horns of the altar and cry out before it is too late, for the hour will come when you can cry and it'll do no good. For Esau sought to find the place of his birthright and couldn't find it. I commit you, oh, California, oh, convention of the Full Gospel Business Men, who I love, who I've left and strung to with all my heart, I commit you to Jesus Christ tonight. Flee to Him. Don't let the devil ever cool you off from this. Stay right with it until you're every one filled with the Holy Ghost insomuch that it'll make you come to this Word, that'll make you women straighten up, that'll make you men straighten up. If you say you've got the Holy Ghost and won't cope with the Word, it's another spirit in you. God's Spirit is on His Word. The Messiahic, the anointed Word... The Bride must be a Messiah-ette, the anointed Word.




Page 347-2  Then there is all this talk about the glossalalia--it is supposed to be the evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and people are thinking that we are in the midst of a great revival. The revival is over. America had her last chance in 1957. Now the tongues are God's sign of impending disaster, even as they were when they appeared upon the wall at Belshazzar's feast.



Page. 22  "And THUS SAITH THE LORD even unto those who have assembled together, THUS SAITH THE LORD unto those that call themselves by those who have been filled with my Spirit: For ye have been my people--I have blessed thee, I have anointed thee, but thou hast gathered together and hast rejected the servant of the Lord God that I have sent unto thee. And even by sending him will I judge thee, and thy house shall be desolate--even in this day, and in this hour. For thou shalt call for revival but the ear of the Lord shall not hearken unto thee, for when I did call unto thee thou didst not know me. Thou wouldst be a strange people unto me when I would speak unto thee. Yea thou hast become even as my people when I stood and cast out devils, and healed the sick, and broke bread and multiplied it in thine eyes, thou said 'he has a devil'.

Page. 22   "But unto him that hath an ear let him hear what saith the Spirit unto the churches, for I will speak unto thee. I will send my servants unto thee and they shall bless thee and thou shalt be gathered unto me. Thou shalt be blessed mightily as thou hast never been. Cast from thee the thinking of men and the ways of men and turn to the Lord".



Chapter  4:       The complete destruction of United States of America



THE SEAL OF GOD  -  Jeffersonville  IN  54-0514

281. And the people today that are laughing at speaking in tongues, that are laughing at Divine healing, that are laughing at prophecy, that are laughing at the manifestation of the Spirit; and the same spirit that dominated those Jews back here, that blasphemed the Holy Ghost back there, and died under Divine judgment... This United States is bound for Divine judgment under the power of the Holy Ghost. They've condemned, and make fun, and turned out, and call us "holy-rollers" and everything else. But the hour is here when God will pour out His divine judgment. Amen.


PERFECTION  -  Jeffersonville  IN  57-0419

103. Do you mean to tell me you raised your hand and then not sincere enough to stand to your feet? What good has the Gospel ever done to you? Oh, such playing with church, playing with God. The hour's soon at hand, one of these days an atomic bomb will strike around here somewhere in one of these big powder plants. There'll not be one split second to think it over. It'll be too late then, and maybe before next Easter, or even this Easter.


THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  58-0309M

46) 123. "At any minute he can happen. The only thing, we're just bluffing one another. We started our little missile up and it fizzled out, three foot off the ground. Now, we put another one up; it's fizzling out". Why? We've poisoned our minds with cigarette, with women, with whiskey, with big time, and it's displeased the God of heaven. And the Scripture predicts that Russia will do it.

47)    Where are we at? We're at the end. Every nation is scared to death. I believe that they could set a missile right now and destroy the whole nation in one five minutes' time, it will become nothing but powder and back to the gasses that you were in the beginning. They can do it.



Jeffersonville  IN  58-0309E

24) 71. Before the fire fell, Lot was out of Sodom, for the Angel said, "I can't do nothing until you come hither. I've got to lever in my hand to pull and make the fires fall from heaven".

24) 72. And I think that's exactly: the Angel of destruction is holding the hand of Russia, with the atomic bombs, until the church comes together as one great body of Christ. "I can't do nothing till you come hither". Oh, if that isn't a blessed assurance.

36) 117. And He never did that one time to a Gentile. Why? He left it to this day. That's what He said here, "In the days when the Son of man shall reveal Himself from heaven..." He's revealing Himself now to the church for mercy. The next time He reveals Hisself is in destruction to those who's rejected the Message.

37) 121. The sputniks... There's not one thing, the science says, you hear it every day on the radio when they're--on the television, when they're interviewing these science. They say there's not a thing to hinder this world from being blowed up at any minute. It just takes a good drink of vodka, and they'll pull a lever, and that's it.


BY FAITH, MOSES  -  Jeffersonville  IN  58-0720M

4) 11. So I didn't know then that they had something that could annihilate it, like they got now, but I seen the nation in total annihilation--just stumps of trees and things like that left. So it's on it's road.  


WATCHMAN, WHAT OF THE NIGHT?  -  Jeffersonville  IN  58-1130

29) 69. Oh, my friends, listen to THUS SAITH THE LORD. If you consider me to be His servant, it's just before the break of day. That's why this horrible gloom is over the earth. It's just before the Coming of the Lord Jesus. There's no more hope left in nothing but His Coming.


EL-SHADDAI  -  Los Angeles  CA  59-0416

57. Now listen what Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Sodom..." Oh, let it sink in. "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of God". The Spirit of God in human flesh, in His Church, revealing and making manifest the sign of the Messiah as He did in that day, as He did in the days of Christ, as He is at the end of the Gentile dispensation, just a few hours before the bombs fall, before the world will be destroyed...

Great men, scientists, generals, and so forth, are saying that the next war will only last about three minutes. Russia's got them timed right for Hollywood and Vine. He's got them timed for Lakeside Drive in Chicago, and for New York City, and for everywhere. Them bombs are setting ready. We got it timed right on Moscow and different places. It just takes one person to make a mistake to pull one of them off sometime. And what happens? The Bible's fulfilled then. That's the only thing that's left.


DISCERNING THE BODY OF THE LORD  -  Chatauqua  OH  59-0812

16.3) When we see the prediction of the world and hear sinful men cry out, He's going to sweep the capitals. We realize that they got the bombs there to do it with. Just some fanatic to touch it off. You're holding mercifully till You get Your Church ready.




Jeffersonville  IN  60-0221

206. I'll say this one thing; maybe that's the way God's got before He sends an atomic bomb. You have to do something wrong, you know. You have to touch His anointed one time, for this same Scripture, lest that... "Touch not My elected". That's right. So if it has to take that to bring judgment, like it did in the days of Daniel or somewhere else, let it come. I'm You're servant, Lord. That's right. Oh, yes.



THE EPHESIAN CHURCH AGE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-1205

49. Now, another thing it said, that... Then immediately after that, I saw this nation become as a smelter, just blowed to bits. Now, if them things has happened, so will this other.



THE THYATIREAN CHURCH AGE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-1208

227. I said, "Then I looked again, and I saw the United States just blowed to pieces. There wasn't nothing left on it".

228. And I predicted then. "Now, this, that was THUS SAITH THE LORD".

231. And I said, "I seen, looked like just stumps a-burning, rocks blowed out, and the whole United States just looked bare, laying like that, as far as I could see where I was standing".



(THRONE OF MERCY AND JUDGEMENT)  -  Jeffersonville  IN  61-0108

87. That's awful, but that's the American. Canada, you precious people from Canada, if America keeps going on, Canada will be as lowdown as America after while. Get around the borders of Canada anywhere, and you got that American atmosphere. This America is the prostitute of the nations. That's exactly what she is, and she's going to be worse than ever now. She's coming to her end. The Bible speaks of her doom, tells how she's going to be: America: lowdown, rotten, filthy, no good. That's exactly right. She's been a great nation. She's carried the Gospel message. What makes her the way she is? Because she's turned down the Gospel message and rejected the truth. She's horrible. She's got it coming; don't worry. I seen it in the vision as THUS SAITH THE LORD. It's coming. She's going to pay for her sins.



GABRIEL'S INSTRUCTIONS TO DANIEL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  61-0730M

83. Hear that prophet cry out. This whole land shall be desolate. And not to impersonate this great servant of God, but I prophesy that this whole nation shall become desolate. God shall punish this nation for her sins. If God would not let Israel, His elected, Abraham's seed, who He made the covenant and promise with, if He would not let them get by with wrong doing, though they were religious to the core, had the great churches, the priests, and the rabbis, but because of the immorals and things among them, and God made them reap what they sowed, so shall we get it.



160. Oh, I wish I could make this stick. They are licked. The church organization is licked, just the same as this United States is licked, trembling and fearing, and bombs hanging yonder for them; they know they've danced away and gaited their life to hell. And they're licked. The Spirit's went out of them. You'd have to comb trees to get young men to the army; they seen what happened in the other one. We're licked. The church is licked. They know that.


THE WAY OF A TRUE PROPHET OF GOD  -  Jeffersonville  IN  62-0513M

26-7) 127. So is it today. The very God that America claims to serve will bring judgment upon the nation and destroy it. I hope that gets so deep that you'll never wiggle out of it. The very One that you claim that you love and with your own manmade dogmas, and immoral life, and decay that you got in you, away from the Word of God will destroy you someday. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Nothing else left for us.

26-7) 133. Women knowing that the Bible condemns them to do certain things, and bob their hair, and act like the world, and wear immoral clothes and things like that, and they'll constantly do it anyhow, and speak in tongues, and jump up-and-down, and shout, and have old ladies' societies and sewing circles, and send missionaries to the field. It's become a stench in the sight of God. And THUS SAITH THE LORD He'll destroy the whole thing. He will.

31-7) 156. They think that's God's approval by them being Catholic. Protestant thinks it's God's approval them being Protestants. Ha. It's nonsense; it's cannon fodder; it's atomic ashes; it's the wrath of God being built up to explode. That's exactly right. 

32-1) 158. "Well," you say that, "well, we're in alliance with them. We got all the western protection".

They had all the nations around them in protection, but that prophet said, "God will destroy you; the very God that you serve will destroy you for your foolishness". He'd say the same thing this morning.

43-2) 225. Now, he'd--he'd have to take you back to the Word. But we have--our teachers today has taught people off of the Foundation of God's Word. Now, listen close. That's what they'd done there; that's what Amos was telling them. "The God that you claim to know, He's the One's going to destroy you".


THE INDICTMENT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0707

56-4) 358. I say it on this tape and for this audience; I say this under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, "Who's on the Lord's side? Let him come under this Word". God will surely bring this wicked, Christ-denying, Christ-rejecting generation into judgment for blasphemy, the crucifixion of His identified Word. You're coming to the judgment. I indict it. "Who's on the Lord's side?" said Moses, "Let him come unto me," when the Pillar of Fire hanging there as an evidence. Who's on the Lord's side? Let him take up the Word, deny his creed, and follow Jesus Christ daily. And I'll meet you in the morning.



WARNING THEN JUDGMENT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0724

91. Now, we find out that our proud America is not going to escape the wrath of God. As I spoke one day since I've been here, I'm sure it was here, of--of the everything at the end. You know, I--I can't see nothing to build to. You can't build to politics; it--it's gone. You--you can't build to social life, because it's so demoralized. There's--there--there's nothing that you can build to there. And you can't put no hopes in nothing.

159. Now, the same thing to this nation... Then you say, "Brother Branham, last Sunday you said ‘There wasn't a hope’". Yes. "Why?" It's spurned its call. It's got to receive it. It's going to receive it. There's coming a time when this nation's going to go to pieces. I saw it in 1933. See? I looked off… You said, you might've said, "Well, it didn't happen then".



INFLUENCES  -  Tulare  CA  64-0215

165. And I say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD: the God that America claims to serve will destroy her". You take that for whatever you wish. What we need is, "Down to the altar, Isaiah".



SCRIPTURAL SIGNS OF THE TIME  -  Birmingham  AL  64-0410

E 36) 95. Why, we're talking about going to Fort Knox, and moving the government down there, and digging down into the ground. Why, them Russian bombs goes maybe a hundred, two hundred yards down in the ground, and blow it for a hundred and fifty miles. Why, the concussion would go plumb into the--to the lava. You're not safe nowhere on this earth. There's only one safety; that's in the arms of Jesus Christ. He's our retreat.


THE MASTERPIECE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  64-0705

76. As we see the days darkening, as we see the shadows falling... When I predict it's just a few more turns of the sun this nation's gone. Do you know, yesterday, fourth of July, where Thomas Jefferson had signed the Declaration of Independence, him and the other board that was with him, and the Liberty Bell rang, and we was declared an independence as a nation... According to history there has never been a democracy at any time last over two hundred years. And that was 1776, July the fourth. And we're just eleven years left. Will it make it? No, can't. Eleven years, and if it does, it'll break all history.


GOING BEYOND THE CAMP  -  Jeffersonville  IN  64-0719E

86. Look what the prophet said, Amos, when he come into Samaria. And his little eyes narrowed as he come up over that and seen that sinful city, women laying in the street with men: a modern America... When he looked up over, his eyes narrowed. And he had nobody to sponsor him; he had no fellowship card. God had sent him. Would the people hear his message? No, they wouldn't hear him. But he prophesied, and he said, "The very God that you claim to serve will destroy you". And I say in the Name of Jesus Christ, the very God that... This nation claims to be a religious nation; the very God that they claim to serve will destroy them in their iniquity. It'll destroy every denomination off the face of the earth, what they claim to serve.




142. Can't you feel the Holy Spirit screaming out from you? "Oh, United States and the world, how oft I would've gathered you, but you would not. Now, your hour has come. Your god of pleasure, your god of filth, your Sodom and Gomorrah god, that's come among you..."




Page 26  Men and women, listen to me now--before the day comes and you're left here upon the earth in darkness and judgment, run as hard as you can to the ask for safety--receive His message of mercy. "Hurry," said the angel, "and escape hither for I can do nothing till thou hast come out". Judgment can not come. Russia has a missile that will put us on our deathbed. What is it speaking of nationally and spiritually? God is speaking to His church to "Come hither for I can do nothing till thou hast come out". God, waiting for His church to break down their denominational barriers and come together for a real out-pouring of Holy Spirit to lift His church to glory. "I can do nothing till you come thither". We must come together that He might unite us into one body and rapture us before world destruction.



Page 322-3  The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America.



Chapter  5:           Rome in the Prophecy



THE INVASION OF THE UNITED STATES  -  Jeffersonville  IN  54-0509

198. And now, instead of the church, trying to make the church beautiful, build a bigger church, put big spires on it, great big pipe organs, and get everything trying to pattern like the Catholic church. You don't want to pattern like the Catholic church, if she's doomed to go to destruction. For that's THUS SAITH THE LORD, she's doomed to go to destructions. And you're a pattern after her, you're going with her.



THE MARK OF THE BEAST  -  Jeffersonville  IN  54-0513

137. And remember, I say this as God's prophet: The Russian empire will drop an atomic bomb of some sort on the Vatican City and destroy it in one hour. THUS SAITH THE LORD.




Jeffersonville  IN  55-0109E

E 34) 108. And he said iron and clay was on the toes, the ten toes, the ten kingdoms. And he said they wouldn't mix, and they'd intermarry among one another, Romanism and Protestantism.



17. Going to Sunday school one morning, I was caught away in a vision. And I said, "Now..." Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I said, "Now, there's going to be three great isms. Which is now in existence. One of them is in Rome, which is--is Fascism, and one of them is in Germany which is Nazi--Nazism. And the other one is in Russia, which is communism". I said, "Those three great isms is the unclean spirits that went out of the mouth of the false prophet, and the dragons, and so forth that will unite themselves together, speaking things that they should not, and they'll all beat at one another, until they'll finally wind up in one ism. And I predict that that will be communism. And communism will burn the Vatican city.



THE THYATIREAN CHURCH AGE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-1208

144. And I'll give you a little thing on that, that iron and clay. Did you notice, or have I ever quote it to you, in that last great conference they had up here where Khrushchev took off his shoe and beat the table with it? There was five eastern nations gathered there, there were five western nations. Khrushchev headed the eastern nations; Eisenhower headed the western nations; there's the two main leaders, the two big toes. "Khrushchev," in Russia, means "clay". "Eisenhower," in Ameri--in English, means "iron". We're at the end.

145. In other words, look here. Eisenhower has got a big name here in this United States, but in Rome he ain't nothing, in Russia he's nothing. Khrushchev's big in Russia, but in the United States he's nothing. But there's one man that's big everywhere; that's that pope (That's right.), "Let us organize ourself together and come together".


CHRISTIANITY VERSUS IDOLATRY  -  Jeffersonville  IN  61-1217

138) 74. And when I can prove to you by written Word out of the Bible, exactly the days and years, that Peter never did leave Palestine but one time, and went to Babylon down by the Euphrates. Never was in Rome, by the Scriptures, THUS SAITH THE LORD. It's all a pagan idea.


THE GREATEST BATTLE EVER FOUGHT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  62-0311

55-4) 297. Listen, it's on tape now. To the world I speak or wherever these tapes may go. And to you people here, no matter whatever happens to me, you believe this. Russia, communism isn't conquering nothing. God's Word can't fail. Romanism is going to conquer the world.

55-5) 298. Let's take Daniel's vision; that's the Word of God. "Thou, oh Daniel--oh thou, oh King Nebuchadnezzar is this head of gold: Babylon. Another kingdom will succeed thee, which is silver (See?), which is Medes O Persia". Another one was Greece, Alexander the Great; next come in Rome. And there wasn't nothing said about a communism. Rome conquered the world.

55-6) 299. Jesus Christ was borned in the Roman kingdom and persecuted, His first time come here by the Roman kingdom. And on His second advent coming now, His message is persecuted by the Roman denominations, which is the mother of all of them. And when He returns, He will come back to wipe out that Roman kingdom, that the Jews has always looked for Him to come and wipe out the Roman kingdom. The Catholic hierarchy with all the denominations in the world, right now coming together as an organization, the confederation of churches organizing themselves together. It isn't Russia, it's Rome. THUS SAITH THE LORD.

56-7) 305. It's Romanism that takes the world, and Romanism is the mother of organization. There never was an organization till Rome, and every one of them come out of it, and the Bible said so. She was the mother of harlots.


SUPER SIGN  -  South Gate  CA  62-0624

E 67. By the way, I just might as well say it; it's on my heart. What you people afraid of communism for? Say, "Communism's going to rule the world". You people don't know the Bible. Show me one place where it said communism will rule the world. The Bible said Rome will rule the world, not communism. Oh, communism's just a puppet in the hands of God, playing it all up to persecute them all together and make His Words come to pass. Same thing, He said, "Who can we get to deceive Ahab to send him up there?" to make Elijah's prophecy come to pass. Communism ain't going to rule the world.

You see, Daniel saw that vision. Every one of them kingdoms succeeded one another, right on down. And it never did come into communism. It went right out with that strength of Rome in the feet. Right. Romanism's going to rule the world, not communism. Don't worry about that. That don't bother me a bit.


THE ABSOLUTE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  62-1230M

29.3  I said, "There's three isms has rose up: Nazism, fascism, and communism". I said, "Them isms will revolve and come around into one; it'll he communism. Watch. Communism will burn Rome". See? You watch it. Uh-huh. It's a tool in God's hands. They think they're against God; they're working right into it all the time, don't know it. He's just using them as a puppet, some tool in His hand like He did Nebuchadnezzar and many of the others.




Jeffersonville  IN  63-1124M

91. Go back to Daniel again, the iron and clay in the feet. The iron never ceased from the knees down to the end. And anyone knows that Russia wasn't even known of then. It was Rome. The red dragon was Rome. It's always Rome. And that iron never changed to something else, from Rome to something else; it remained Rome. And the beast is Rome.

92. And the Rome had a religious system whose deadly head was--or deadly wound killed him in his head, but he was revived again from pagan Rome to papal Rome. And now they're to make an image to it, out of the beast that comes up out of Revelations 13°.




Chapter  6:       The Catholic church will rule



THE GREATEST BATTLE EVER FOUGHT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  62-0311

55-4) 297. Listen, it's on tape now. To the world I speak or wherever these tapes may go. And to you people here, no matter whatever happens to me, you believe this. Russia, communism isn't conquering nothing. God's Word can't fail. Romanism is going to conquer the world.

55-6) 299. Jesus Christ was borned in the Roman kingdom and persecuted, His first time come here by the Roman kingdom. And on His second advent coming now, His message is persecuted by the Roman denominations, which is the mother of all of them. And when He returns, He will come back to wipe out that Roman kingdom, that the Jews has always looked for Him to come and wipe out the Roman kingdom. The Catholic hierarchy with all the denominations in the world, right now coming together as an organization, the confederation of churches organizing themselves together. It isn't Russia, it's Rome. THUS SAITH THE LORD.

56-7) 305. It's Romanism that takes the world, and Romanism is the mother of organization. There never was an organization till Rome, and every one of them come out of it, and the Bible said so. She was the mother of harlots.



60. The church, its voice, each one wants more members. The Baptist wants it all; Methodist wants it all, Presbyterian. We all have these. And Catholic's look like is going to take it all, and they will. That's exactly the Voice of God out of this Bible. They will rule.


THE SECOND SEAL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0319

315. Tell me one... Russia don't reign over all; we don't reign over all. There's only one king that reigns over every... like that Nebuchadnezzar's iron running out to every one of them toes, that it's Rome. Rome don't do it as a nation; it does it as a church.



Page 192-3  But that the church and state would come together was truly fore-known of the Lord. The very name Pergamos means "thoroughly married". And indeed state and church were married; politics and religion were united. The offspring of that union have been consistently the most horrible hybrids the world has ever seen. The truth is not in them, but all the evil ways of Cain (the first hybrid) is.



Pag. 236-4  But under Constantine she came back to life, for papal Rome has infiltrated the whole world, and her power is absolute. She uses kings and merchants and in her deadly religious and financial strength she is governing as the goddess of this present age.



Chapter  7:     Be careful to the Purple Curtain



CONFERENCE  -  Shreveport  LA  60-1125

E 62. Listen THUS SAITH THE LORD. Repent. I predict three curtains. In the Name of the Lord, there's one called the Iron Curtain, which will be Russia. Watch Red China. That'll be the Bamboo Curtain. They're horrible, but watch that Purple Curtain that's rising in the United States and over the world, the Roman Empire, the cruellest of all of them.



THE MESSIAH  -  Shreveport  LA  61-0117

E 65. We see Communism sweeping in, an ungodly spirit called the "iron curtain". We see one rising yonder in China called the "bamboo curtain". Then we see one rise called the purple curtain, the Roman curtain, taking over the world.


A SUPER SIGN  -  Grass Valley  CA  62-0708

172. Let me say this in closing. There's three great curtains today. One of them's the iron curtain. The other one is the bamboo curtain. And the other one is the purple curtain; you watch that one; that's the one that's going to rule.



E 43. Don't watch iron curtains and bamboo curtains; but watch the purple curtain.


GOD'S POWER TO TRANSFORM  -  Phoenix  AZ  65-0911

179. Don't notice the iron curtain, but the purple one. Uh-huh.



Chapter  8:            The Vision of the Tent


WHAT IS A VISION?  -  Chicago  IL  56-0408A

18-6) 90. And just then... Now, here's something. Notice close. There's a difference between the Angel of the Lord and that Light, because I heard something a moving, as it does when it comes here at the platform at night, kinda like a--[Brother Branham makes a sound "whew"--Ed.] and like a fire whipping around--licking blaze. And It left me, and it went right down over the top of that audience and went and stood over the top of that little building, and  then settled down on top of it. And then when It did, this One that was standing by me, behind me, the same voice, the Angel's voice, He said, "I'll meet you in there, and this is the third pull, but nobody will know nothing about it".


PRESENT STAGE OF MY MINISTRY  -  Jeffersonville  IN  62-0908

16. And just then... Now, here's something. Notice close. There's a difference between the Angel of the Lord and that Light, because I heard something a moving, as it does when it comes here at the platform at night, kinda like a--[Brother Branham makes a sound "whew"--Ed.] and like a fire whipping around--licking blaze. And It left me, and it went right down over the top of that audience and went and stood over the top of that little building, and  then settled down on top of it. And then when It did, this One that was standing by me, behind me, the same voice, the Angel's voice, He said, "I'll meet you in there, and this is the third pull, but nobody will know nothing about it".


THE SEVENTH SEAL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0324E

299. And just then He picked me up. And He took me up and set me way up high to where a meeting was going on, looked like a tent or a cathedral of some sort. And I looked, and there was a little box-like, little place over in the side. And I seen that Light was talking to somebody above me, that Light that you see there on the picture. It whirled away from me, like that, and went over to that tent, and said, "I'll meet you there". And said, "This will be the third pull, and you won't tell it to nobody".



138. I have never had but one thing that He ever told me in my life that I know that hasn't happened yet, that some sort of a building or a tent where there'd be a little building setting, and I'd have to go into that and pray for the sick. That hasn't happened yet as far as I know. That's the only thing that I know.

141. I want somebody to rise and tell me anything I ever spoke in the Name of the Lord, besides that, but what happened.



Chapter  9:        The last Seven Prophecies



CONDEMNATION BY REPRESENTATION  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-1113

5-1) 20. 1932: (Listen to this.) As I was on my way... Or as I was getting ready to go on my way to church this morning, it came to pass that I fell into a vision. Our services is being held on Meigs Avenue at the old orphans' home, where Charlie Kern lives in part of the building". (He lives just across the street now, you know.)

And it came to pass that while I was in this vision I seen some dreadful things take place. I speak this in the Name of the Lord.

The president which now is, President Franklin D. Roosevelt... (Now remember, this is twenty-eight years ago.) will cause the whole world to go to war; and the new dictator of Italy, Mussolini, shall make his first invasion towards Ethiopia, and he will take Ethiopia; but that'll be his last. He shall come to his end.

5-2)   We will be in war with Germany. Watch Russia. (Now, that's...) Communism, Nazism, and Fascism... Watch Russia. But that is not the main one to watch.

It shall--also has been an evil thing done in this country; they have permitted women to vote. This is a woman's nation, and she will pollute this nation as Eve did Eden.

Now, you see why I'm hammering the way I do. I got, THUS SAITH THE LORD.

In her voting she will elect the wrong person. The Americans will take a great beating at a place that Germany will build, which will be a great wall built of concrete (The Maginot Line, eleven years before it was ever built.) But finally they will be victors.

Then when these women help elect the wrong person, then I seen a great woman rise up in the United States, well-dressed and beautiful, but cruel in heart. She will either guide or lead this nation to ruination. (I've got in parenthesis "perhaps Catholic church".)

Also, science will progress, especially in the mechanical world. Automobiles will continue to get like egg shape. Finally they will build one that won't need a steering wheel. (They've got it now.) It will be controlled by some other power.

Then I seen the United States as one smouldering, burnt-over place. It will be near the end.


CONFERENCE  -  Shreveport  LA  60-1125

E 62. Now, did you notice? Did you know what the name Khrushchev means in Russia? Dirt or clay. He was a heading up of them kingdoms. You know what Eisenhower means, the head of this? Iron. Iron and clay and they couldn't mix together. He took his shoe and beat it on the... There's no mixing together. They can't mix. They won't cleave one to the other.

Do you see friends? The next thing left is the stone to be cut out, the coming of the Lord, to roll into this image and mash it into pieces, and all these kingdoms will be ground and blowed away like the chaff on a summer's thrashing floor. We're at the end time, brother, sister. Can't you see where we are?

Listen THUS SAITH THE LORD. Repent. I predict three curtains. In the Name of the Lord, there's one called the Iron Curtain, which will be Russia. Watch Red China. That'll be the Bamboo Curtain. They're horrible, but watch that Purple Curtain that's rising in the United States and over the world, the Roman Empire, the cruelest of all of them.

Remember in the Name of the Lord. Get away from it. Come away from anything that's attached to it. Flee to the Rock. The coming of the Lord is at hand. We need a conference. I need a conference to talk these things over with God. The church is at the end of her road. Let us pray.


WHY?  -  Shreveport  LA  60-1126

E 92. We see the great meetings and conferences that was spoke of twenty-five hundred years ago just take place a week or two ago. We see the atomic age.

I was quoting last night a prophecy that was given me back in 1933 of seven things that'd take place: Germany, the Sieg--Siegfried Line, and the president election, and all these other things. Five of them has already taken place, two left--the coming of the control of a woman in the United States to take over, maybe a church to take over to rule... Watch. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD.


THE LAODICEAN CHURCH AGE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-1211E

44. And how many in here remembers me just keep having you stand, and say it over like that, “Watch Russia. Watch Russia, the king of the north. Watch Russia, king of the north. Watch Russia, king of the north?” How many has heard me just say this, wave that over, over? The old-timers (You see?), back in the early part of the church. Just stand there and wave it over and over, "Watch Russia, the king of the north. See, what he would do, for all those isms will heap up into Russia".



WHY?  -  Phoenix  AZ  61-0128

E 93. So then I seen the time of--of the end coming, and five things that the Lord let... Seven things I saw, five of them has already come to pass. I seen a powerful woman stand up to the United States. You can write this down if you do so--it's going to happen. I don't know... She's on her road now. Exactly. And she took over. And then I seen the United States just like something had burnt it over hit it, and just something, blowed up rocks and things.


JEZEBEL RELIGION  -  Middletown  OH  61-0319

66. There'll come a worship of a woman in the United States, and that'll be Mary. I seen it, thirty--1931. Seven things happened. I got it right on paper here with me, wrote it in 1931. How that I said, "This President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, he will cause all the world, help do it, send the world to war". Hadn't come to war yet, during times of depression. I said, "Another thing..." And my mother, a square-back Democrat, if she didn't look at me hard when I said that. I said, "I don't care if there's a Republican or if he was a Socialist or whatever he is, this is THUS SAITH THE LORD".

And I said, "Doing this, they're permitting women to vote. And when they do that, they done one of the greatest disgraces this nation ever done". And I said, "Someday they'll pay for it". And they did at this last election. That's what elected him: women.


SOULS THAT ARE IN PRISON NOW  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-1110M

35-6) 214. And just exactly, if you'll look up there THUS SAITH THE LORD… First the Word said it, then the Spirit of the Lord said, in 1933, that told all these other things about the nations going to war and how the machines would be and everything like that said, that's exactly what would happen at the end. And here it is. It's never failed. And here we see it shaping up.



Chapter  10:    The Third Pull



THE SEVENTH SEAL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0324E

263. But you remember when He took me up there and said, "This is that third pull, and no one will know it".

326. It may be time. It may be the hour now, that this great person that we're expecting to rise on the scene may rise on the scene.

327. Maybe this ministry that I have tried to take people back to the Word has laid a foundation; and if it has, I'll be leaving you for good. There won't be two of us here the same time. See? If it is, he will increase, I'll decrease. I don't know.

373. And when it comes to the time that I must lay down, when I get down to the river, and the waves begin to come in, O God, may I be able to hand this old Sword over to somebody else that'll be honest with It, Lord, and will pack the truth. Grant it, Lord. Until then, help me to be strong and healthy and courageous.


THE WORLD IS AGAIN FALLING APART  -  Shreveport  LA  63-1127

190. It may be almost passed feeling time (See?), because there'll come a time like that when the Spirit of God will be with-taken from the earth, there'll be no more. The Church will remain a while (That's right.) preaching, 'cause it has to preach to the eternal lost, just as every ministry did, coming down through the age. The last part of every ministry preached to the eternal lost. And there'll be a ministry now that'll preach to the eternal lost after they have refused to receive it.



Jeffersonville  IN  63-1229M

138. My son Billy Paul, he talks in his sleep, but he doesn't have dreams very often. He had one the other night that shook him up. Said he'd dreamed he was at a church, and--and they... I hadn't come in yet. Said when I come in, fire was flying out of the eyes. And I said, "The time is here; it's over". And everybody begin screaming, "I can't, my children". And me...

139. My wife said, "I can't get Sarah to ask the blessing at the table," and so forth. And I said...

He said, "I've got to go get Loyce and--and the baby".

140. I said, "Loyce can't come now. The baby's too young to know. Billy the hour is here; we must go". I said, "It's midnight now, before daylight Jesus will be here. If it isn't then I'm a false witness of Christ".

And somebody spoke up and said, "No man knows the minute or hour".

141. "I never said minute or hour; I said sometime between now and daylight". I said, "Let's--let's go, Billy. And I said something... I said, "But we're at the time; let's go". And we got in the car and started. And we started up the mountain. And when we did, it was--looked like the light was coming, and the skies were dark upon the earth. He said I pulled off the side of the road, held my hands over like this, fire still flying from my eyes. And he said I said, "Lord, I have did this at Your command. I have did this just because that You told me to do it this a-way. I have did these things according to what You've told me". And I motioned to a big granite mountain, and a--a Light without hands cut a stone out of the mountain weighing hundreds of tons and here it come. I said, "Turn your heads; don't look. It'll be--all be over just in a few minutes". Said, "Then a great holy hush come everywhere as this Stone come towards the place".

142. It may be later than we think. There... See, that's exactly Scriptural (You see?), the Stone without hands cut out of the mountain. And so one of these days it's going to be that way when you're going to scream for something. I said to him, "You've already had that time. God has constantly warned you time after time". Yeah, I said, "Even if it's my own kid or whoever it is, the hour is here. I can only say what He's told me to say, and it'll be here, and it was". And--and then all of a sudden here He come a Stone cut out of the mountain without hands. Daniel saw that, you know, back many years ago. And Billy knowed nothing about that, but it was a--it was a dream sent to him from the Lord.

143.  Now, see, they claim to be worshipping that very God that they were making fun of. And the same thing has reversed again today by the same reason, living in a glare instead of the Light. Great Lights has a shine. All right.


LOOK AWAY TO JESUS  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-1229E

6-1. So now, I am going to say something to you now, that I haven't said all along. And that is, the thing that we have looked forward to for so long, or at least many years, four or five years or maybe longer, the third pull has now been vindicated, and I'm sure you all know what it is.

6-2. Now, remember, there'll never be any impersonation of that, 'cause it can't be. It cannot be. Now, it's in existence, and I have--I am warned of this, that soon, right at this time now, it's just happened, so it could identify its presence among you. See? But it will not be used in a great way, until this council begins to tighten up. And when it does, when that does... The Pentecostals and so forth can almost impersonate anything could be done, but when that time comes, when the squeeze comes down, then you'll see what you have seen temporarily, be manifested in the fullness of its power. See...?... see?

6-3. Now, I must continue in evangelism, just as I was commissioned first; I must continue on. Therefore, you've had the Word, and you know what to look for, how to stand. I must continue on in evangelism. And friends of mine, keep still and just keep moving on, for the hour is approaching swiftly (See?), that when something is going to be done.

7-5. Now, we're closer than it seems to be. I don't know when, but it's real, real, close. I may be building a platform for somebody else to step on. I may be taken before that time. I don't know.

And I want to say this; I have never said it before, but according to Scripture, according to what He said thirty years ago, thirty-three years ago on the river down there (in 1933, rather), what He said, everything has happened just exactly. I may not do it, but this message will introduce Jesus Christ to the world. "For as John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming, so is the message to forerun the second coming". And John said, "Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world". See? So it--it paralleled it in every way, and I know it will. The message will go on.



Chapter  11:    Clothes like fig-tree leaves




Jeffersonville  IN  63-0623E

110.  I predict that soon they'll come out with one of these things that just be a fig leaf again. I predicted that thirty years ago (See?), some insult to the Bible. See? They'll do it. It's public striptease.

158. Go back in Sodom. Don't worry, there's an A-bomb waiting to clean it all up (That's right.), clean up the whole world. It'll do it.


GOING BEYOND THE CAMP  -  Jeffersonville  IN  64-0719E

37. Did you see the new bathing suits they brought out? Do you know my prediction that women would finally come to fig leaves, thirty-three years ago? And now, they've got them that's dressed in fig leaves, transparent skirts. The Word of the Lord never fails. And that was to take place just before the end time--come to a fig leaf again. I was reading it in "Life" Magazine. That was said thirty-three years ago before women took their fall. It was told how they would do it in this day, and here they are, how they'd wear garments like men, and how they--the immorals of the women would drop in this nation. Lowest of all the nations there is in the world is this America. She's the filthiest of the bunch. That's according to the statistics.



Chapter  12:   Jannes and Jambres at the End




58-6) 402. But their folly will be made manifest when Jesus takes His Bride and sets Her up here and says, "This is Her," and away He goes with Her. That's right. Their folly will be made known.


TOKEN  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0901M

24-7) 177. Magicians tried to do the same thing, the impersonators. You always find them. There was Jannes and Jambres; they stood there. But when it comes to the real thing, they didn't have it. That's right. They followed along a little while, but after while, their folly was made manifest.

24-8) 178. And don't the Bible say that the same thing will happen in the last day. "As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses..." But their folly was made manifest. So will it be again. See? There it is.

Men of perverted minds, reprobates concerning the truth--the fact, they might have congregations, and great things, great high, big, flowery things, but the hour will finally arrive.


SPIRITUAL FOOD IN DUE SEASON  -  Jeffersonville  IN  65-0718E

144. And, God in heaven knows, that lays right there in the corner of that Tabernacle stone since 1933, wrote on a page of a Bible, laying right there. Look how they've done it. Look what's come to pass: impersonations, just exact. Said, "Let them alone; their folly will be made known in the same manner as Jambres and Jannes was." Here we are in that day.


THE ANOINTED ONES AT THE END TIME - Jeffersonville  IN  65-0725M

145. And remember, THUS SAITH THE LORD, according to II° Timothy 3 : 8, that in the last days that this Jannes and Jambres would be on the earth. Now, I want you to notice there's two of them (See?): Impersonators.



Chapter  13:   The Final Persecution



WHY ARE WE NOT A DENOMINATION?  -  Jeffersonville  IN  58-0927

38. "Scarlet," in the Bible, represents "royal". The color "scarlet" means "red". And "beast" represents "power". Did you notice the beast come up out of the sea; that was in the Revelation the 13th. And when you see the beast coming up out of the sea, it's meant that this power was raising up among the people. But in Revelation 13°, when this lamb came up, he came up out of the earth, no people: United States. But then after he had two little horns: civil and ecclesiastical powers. And then he received power and spoke like the dragon did before him. So you just got to mark it down; we are coming into a religious persecution with the same things that they did in pagan Rome many years ago, for it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Now, what is it, "setting upon a beast, a power".


JEZEBEL RELIGION  -  Middletown  OH  61-0319

63. Now, you see why my voice is going to be stopped pretty soon, somebody's going to know. Yes. Why? Revelation 2 : 20, she called herself a prophetess. You just watch the wave of sin happen now. You watch core--go plumb to the core. You watch modernistic; watch ungodly things happen in the churches. "And, finally, there'll come a persecution," the Bible says so, THUS SAITH THE LORD. Certainly there will be.



65-1) 10. All right, I predict that the two denominational groups, Pentecostal and the Evangelical groups, will work together in a denomination, will unite themselves together, and will become a member (all of them) of the Federation of the Council of Churches or the Council of Churches. They already belong to it--all of them. And there will come through them a forcing or a boycott, that'll stop everything but what belongs to that union of churches. That's what a... The Bible said that there would be a boycott, even to such a way it would cause people to not buy or sell unless they had received this, the mark of the beast, which is Romanism, and the image of the beast, which is Protestantism, that the image... The beast had power, authority to give the image life to speak, and it did. And that's the Confederation of Churches, when they confederate themselves together.

65-2) 11. Now, there's many young people here. I don't know; Jesus may come this afternoon; He may come next year. I don't know when He will be coming. But remember, if I do not live to see that day of His coming--which I hope that I will, and somehow believe I will... Now if I do not see it, do not let this Word ever depart from your ears and your heart. See? Just remember, I speak in the Name of the Lord. Now, I believe with all my heart, that's the way it'll wind up. There will be like a union, a boycott. All such places as this here will be closed down. And you'll not be able to speak unless you got a permission or a license from this federation of churches to hold a service.



138. Now, that great gift... Others I tried to explain and say how it was done. This can't be explained. Just wait. It will not be in operation so perfectly now. Wait till that council of churches brings on that persecution; that's when it'll happen. That's the reason I come back among you to pray for the sick. I have never had but one thing that He ever told me in my life that I know that hasn't happened yet, that some sort of a building or a tent where there'd be a little building setting, and I'd have to go into that and pray for the sick. That hasn't happened yet as far as I know. That's the only thing that I know.



Chapter  14:   Brother Branham’s coming



BELIEVE YE THAT I CAN DO THIS?  -  Los Angeles  CA  51-0509

E 54. They had an old paper, turned yellow. They were evangelists, belonging to the Assemblies of God. And twenty-two years, that would be about... That's four years ago, it'd be about twenty-six years now. Twenty-two years before that, one said they had a gift of speaking in tongues, the other one had the gift of interpretation. And when they were... Said they were down praying, twenty-two years before that, and the interpretation come. And this was one of their messages they had laying back, said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, in the last days before the coming of the Lord, I'll send My servant, William Branham, up the West Coast with..." And there it was wrote on old paper.



142. I can hear the water splash yonder on the Ohio River. When I was a little old boy preacher about twenty-two years old, singing that there, and I heard... Looked up above me and heard a Voice, said, "Look up". Here comes that big Light hanging right yonder, come moving down over me and said, "As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, you'll have a Message that'll forerun the second coming of Christ".


JEZEBEL RELIGION  -  Middletown  OH  61-0319

107. But one day, God called him out again. Here he come out. Listen close now, and don't get angry with me. I'm saying, THUS SAITH THE LORD. When he come out, what did God do? He sent him to a widow woman. She once had a--a man power over her head, but it took death to set her free so she could believe the prophet's Word. You notice that? She had a husband that guided her this way and that way in one of the schools down there. But during this great drought, he had been gobbled up; death had took him. She was no more hooked in any organization; so she was ready now to hear the Word of the Lord. A woman, meaning the Church, a widow, that her husband, the organization, had died, and she was just barely think she's living herself. And God said, "Go down to her now; she'll hear you. I've commanded her".


THE UNCERTAIN SOUND  -  Bloomington  IL  61-0415E

E 97. And you're hearing it for some of the last times, because I'm leaving the country; and there'll never be another on the field till I'm gone. THUS SAITH THE LORD. There has not been, and will not be. Come while you can.


IS THIS THE SIGN OF THE END SIR?  -  Jeffersonville  IN  62-1230E

21-3) 171. And she said, "I dreamed that I was out west and I..." That's the sixth one. And she said, "I dreamed I was out west, and it's rolling country, and when I looked, standing upon a hill, there was a real old man with long white beards, and what hair he had, was growed down across his face, and he had a white wrap-around, something, garment," said, "the wind was blowing it". I think that's right, Sister Steffy, like that. And said, "I kept drawing closer; he was standing up on top of a mountain, watching eastward". And said, "I wondered, ‘Who is this old man?’" And she moved closer, closer; and when she got closer, she recognized who it was. It was the immortal Elijah the prophet, standing up there watching the east.

21-4) 172. She said, "I must see him." She had a need. And she ran up the hill, and fell down there to speak to him in the name of Elijah, and said when she spoke, she heard a voice say, "What do you want, Sister Steffy?" And it was me.



Chapter  15:        Infected Eggs at the End



HE CARES. DO YOU CARE?  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0721

99. They spray the fields with this DDT, I seen the other day, and now we got eight hundred sick people in this community from eating eggs. Do you remember years ago when I first, when we had the little bitty structure here, and I was prophesying, and said, "It shall come to pass in the last days, don't live in a valley and don't eat eggs". I've got it on my book. I thought there was something about that, and I went and looked at it. "Don't eat eggs". That was way back in 1933. Eggs has got something in them now, and I see where science says that a man over fifty years old should never eat an egg, because it's the hardest thing on a heart that can be eaten. Diseases...



46. When I heard that egg situation the other day, I went back in my book where the Lord spoke to me in 1931, and there I had written in my book, "In the last days, warn the people not to eat eggs or live in a valley". And, see, not know what fallout and things would be (See?), but yet the Lord forewarned that, way back thirty years ago (See?) "Not to live in a valley in the last days," and, "Don't eat eggs," everything will be poisoned. See? And that's just what's happened. Now, imagine that, thirty something years ago.



Chapter  16:               The last Pope



ACTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  54-1219E

87. I believe, one of these glorious days, when this united confederation of church goes together, and the new pope is brought out of the United States and put over there according to prophecy, then they'll form an image like unto the beast.


THE FIRST SEAL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0318

87. Not then (See?), not then, but in his time... See, at the breaking of that Seal we know exactly what it was. Who is this man of iniquity? Who is this man of sin, this fellow that's a working iniquity, would he be revealed in his time?

93. After the Bride is taken away, then this man of sin will reveal himself.

308. All right, let's get Daniel the 11th chapter, and let's take the 21st verse. Here's Daniel. Daniel's speaking now how this fellow is going to take over.

And in his state shall stand up a vile person... (Rome, talking)... to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom:... (Now, watch.)... but he shall come in a peaceable--come in peaceable, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

341. And this prince in that time is to make a covenant with Daniel's people, which is the Jews. That's when the Bride's taken out now. She won't see it.

373. All right. The whole world's wanting a superman; they're going to get it. Just wait till the Church goes up, and Satan's cast out. He'll incarnate. That's right. They want somebody who can really do the job; he'll do it.



Chapter  17:   Marilyn Monroe




Jeffersonville  IN  63-0623E

89. When I seen this woman not long ago in a vision the Lord showed me, see her die that... I can't never think of that woman's name, she... Marilyn Monroe. And I never seen her; I don't go to movies. But I--I--I seen the girl, and she was attractive. And she was trying to get to something; she was dying, had a heart attack. And the Lord said, "Now, you say that she died just at four o'clock. She did not commit suicide," said, "but you can say she died at four o'clock, 'cause it's just a few seconds before four." And there, I seen where they found her. And I told Billy; I told the family, the ones that was with me about it. And a few days afterwards, it was Marilyn Monroe that died.


AUDIO LETTER TO LEE VAYLE  -  Tucson  AZ  64-0500

E 35. For instance, like the death of Marilyn Monroe, how that I seen that before it happened, and can say yet today, the girl died in a heart attack.



Chapter  18:    Judgment on Nations of the world



MICAIAH THE PROPHET  -  Chicago  IL  61-0426

E 79. He's here. He's the One Who called you to come up here. See? The same Spirit that anointed me to preach the Gospel is the same One Who went out through the audience there, that knows you. You can touch Him by the feeling of your infirmities. People, beyond one shadow of doubt... People I've never seen in my life, stand out there night after night through the audience, come up here on the platform night after night, day after day, year, week after week, revival after revival, and never one time does it fail. If that's right, church, say "amen". Then, why is it if the Lord...?

Let me tell you, THUS SAITH THE LORD! "You'd better repent, Chicago. Your hour is close at hand: repent. Come, believe, because there'll come a time that you'll cry for this, and it won't be there. You won't receive a real, so there'll be a false one give you. Jesus said, ‘I come in My own Name, you receive Me not. Another one will come and you'll receive him’". Remember, I quote His words. It's on tape, on record.


SCRIPTURAL SIGNS OF THE TIME  -  Birmingham  AL  64-0410

E 44) 124. And we've had two thousand, yeah, twenty-eight hundred years since then, of Bible history. And tonight, a greater than Solomon is here with the promised Word of this day. And still we mope right along. No wonder she'll stand in the day of judgment and condemn Birmingham, United States, all the rest with her testimony; for her heart was hungering to see God, and she stayed till it was over.



147. I think that England would be sunk someday beneath the ocean; it deserves it. Filth, dirt, puny... That's the immoral cesspool of the world, the most Scriptural denying people I ever seen in my life. She's become that, because she's rejected the Truth.

148. Billy Graham said he had to take his wife out of the parks, the sexual things going on between men and women, boys and girls, right out in the park, openly. She become a cesspool. So has France; so has all the rest of the world; and so has the United States becoming the leader of all of them.



Chapter  19:    Judgment on California


THE ANGEL OF THE LORD - Los Angeles  CA  51-0502

54. Over on the east coast, they're always hollering to me, "Why you going to the west coast". Everybody pulls out to Los Angeles. Maybe that's God's place. That's right. Right here is probably where judgment will strike. And that's right. Let's get ready. My, this will probably be the first place it'll be hit, right in here. O Church, hold to God's unchanging hand. Pray.


THE SECOND COMING OF THE LORD  -  Jeffersonville  IN  57-0417

29. And the other day over in California, up in Oakland, when it was our privilege to be there in a meeting, and it was the first time that my wife had ever been in an earthquake. I was setting in the barber shop, and I... The room shook just a little. And the radio quickly announced, "A earthquake was on". Said, "They're looking for another one in about eight minutes".

And I thought, "Oh, what if this is the last one?"

30. I hurried from the barber shop, met my wife who was waiting on the street, walked into a little drugstore to get some little picture cards to send back to our loved ones. And while we were there, one of the most mysterious, funny feelings that man could ever feel, the whole earth begin to rock. The bottles begin to fall from the shelf, the flues begin to fall off the building, and into the street, overrun, the people screaming and crying as the plaster fell from the walls. And the big buildings with thirty and forty stories, rocked together until the smoke or dust from the mortar went up like great mushroom. And people begin to scream and run; I said, "That is the finger of Almighty God, saying, ‘The handwriting's on the wall’".

31. Jesus said, "When you hear of earthquakes in divers places". The earth split open down the highway for a long ways, about five foot, and went way down hundreds of feet in the earth. One place, the entire highway dropped in. And I thought as that split open, I could just almost see the finger of Almighty God, saying, "And there shall be earthquakes in divers places".



WARNING THEN JUDGMENT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0724

91. Now, we find out that our proud America is not going to escape the wrath of God. As I spoke one day since I've been here, I'm sure it was here, of--of the everything at the end. You know, I--I can't see nothing to build to. You can't build to politics; it--it's gone. You--you can't build to social life, because it's so demoralized. There's--there--there's nothing that you can build to there. And you can't put no hopes in nothing.

159. Now, the same thing to this nation... Then you say, "Brother Branham, last Sunday you said ‘There wasn't a hope’". Yes. "Why?" It's spurned its call. It's got to receive it. It's going to receive it. There's coming a time when this nation's going to go to pieces. I saw it in 1933. See? I looked off… You said, you might've said, "Well, it didn't happen then".



WHO DO YOU SAY THIS IS?  -  Phoenix  AZ  64-1227

157. Stand there and see a whirlwind come out of the sky. It blowed a mountain half in two, standing there where we was at; cut the top of trees off and things like that. And a blast of Word come out and shook there three times, said, "Watch it go to the west coast". Went right over there and shook down Alaska. And coming right down the west coast now. Just exactly.

158. Day before, I took a rock and throwed it up in the air, and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, The hour is here; judgments will start into the earth. Earthquakes and everything will be taking place. And all the west coast will be shook and so forth". Look how perfect, day by day, everything just exactly the way He said. How can we turn back, brethren? Let us keep our faith towards Him.



23-4) 67. Last year standing in the same place (Mr. Wood here and I), going up the hill in the--kind of mourning about his wife being sick, the Holy Spirit said, "Pick up a rock laying there; throw it up in the air; when it comes down say, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD, there'll be judgment strike the earth. Tell him that he will see the hand of God in the next few hours’".

I told Mr. Wood (that's present tonight) and I guess eight or ten of the men--or fifteen that was there at that time, when it took place the next morning, where the Lord came down in a whirlwind and ripped the mountain out around us, and cut the tops of the trees loose, and made three blasts and said, "Judgment is heading towards the west coast".

Two days after that Alaska almost sunk beneath the earth. And since then up and down the coast the belches of God's judgment against that spiritual screen.


THE CHOOSING OF A BRIDE  -  Los Angeles  CA  65-0429E

2-3) 7. So I'm so thankful for this opportunity, and--and this fine meeting we had prior the convention certainly did thrill my heart. You're a fine bunch of people; I trust that God will bless you. And when the great hour ever... That great monster laying up yonder that flipped hisself over in Alaska a few days ago, threw its tail up again this morning along about down around Washington. He could head this way mighty easy. And if the Holy Spirit ever tells me definitely...

2-4)  8. Some of you has been answering--asking me that: "Is it going to happen here, Brother Branham?" No, I don't know that. I just don't know, and till I do know... That's the truth.

31-3)  154. And I--I say this because I am duty bound to tell the truth before God. And when He said, "Here comes the church of America now to be previewed," if I ever seen a bunch of devils, it was that. Them women were stripped naked with a old gray looking thing like a color of an elephant's hide, and they was holding it in front of them with no upper part on it at all, and they were doing this kind of stuff that these--these dances that these kids do out here, that twist and stuff and that kind of music going on. And when I seen Miss U.S.A. come up, I almost fainted.

31-4)  155. Now, this is THUS SAITH THE LORD. If you believe me to be His servant, you believe me now. I wouldn't say that for nothing in the world; there's not enough money in all the world to get me to say that if it wasn't true.

And when she come by, that was the filthiest looking thing I ever seen. I thought, "God, as hard as preachers and we brethren have laboured to get You a Bride, and that's the best we could do". She was twisting, holding this in front of her like one of these hula skirts of a thing, holding it in front of her parts, her lower parts like this, dancing and twisting like these kids do out here on the--on these vulgar shows that they have, twisting. That was Miss Christianity of America.

31-5)  156. So help me, by the help of God, that's what it looks like in His face.

35-3)  171. And church member, if your church isn't like that can measure up to God's qualification of His Word, get out of it, and get into Christ. That's solemn warning. We don't know what time. And you don't know what time that this city one day is going to be laying out here in the bottom of this ocean.

35-4)  172. "O, Capernaum," said Jesus, "thou who exalted into heaven will be brought down into hell, for if the mighty works had been done in Sodom and Gomorrah, it'd have been standing till this day". And Sodom and Gomorrah lays at the bottom of the Dead Sea, and Capernaum's in the bottom of the sea.

35-5)  173. Thou city, who claims to be the city of the Angels, who's exalted yourself into heaven and sent all the dirty filthy things of fashions and things, till even the foreign countries come here to pick up our filth and send it away, with your fine churches and steeples, and so forth the way you do; remember, one day you'll be laying in the bottom of this sea. You're great honeycomb under you right now. The wrath of God is belching right beneath you. How much longer He'll hold this sandbar hanging over that, when that ocean out yonder a mile deep will slide in there plumb back to the Salton Sea. It'll be worse than the last day of Pompeii. Repent, Los Angeles. Repent the rest of you and turn to God. The hour of His wrath is upon the earth. Flee while there's time to flee and come into Christ". Let us pray.


SPIRITUAL FOOD IN DUE SEASON  -  Jeffersonville  IN  65-0718E

97. Look. Brother Banks and several of you men that's here tonight, that stand out there on that mountain that morning.

98. And I want to speak about that mountain, next Sunday morning, the Lord willing. Got a great revelation, something further that I can't hardly keep from telling tonight. But I have (See?), and it's just constantly all the time one thing happening after the other. See? It'll never stop happening, for it was THUS SAITH THE LORD.

105. Now, we know that judgment is ready to strike. Standing on the hill that day, Brother Banks Wood setting here, was walking up the hill. Maybe I quote it again, so that build your faith for this prayer line that's fixing to take place in the next ten, fifteen minutes. I was just walking ahead of Brother Banks. He was... I think he had left Sister Ruby when she was sick. And he... Coming behind me, I noticed his face, red. I looked back, and I thought the hill might be a little hard for him to pull, so I kinda slowed up, right in them deserts, right up hills like that, right where the Angels of the Lord appeared, we was heading right in that direction then, where they appeared a few months before that.

106. And as I went up the hill, the Spirit of God... When I turned around to look on top of the mountain, He said, "Pick up that rock and say to him, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD, you'll see the glory of God in the next few hours’".

107. I just picked up the rock and said, "Brother Banks, I don't know why," throwed it up in the air, and I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're going to see the glory of God". He said, "That meant Ruby?"

108. I said, "No, I don't think it had anything to do with you, Banks or Ruby, either one. I just think it was just saying, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, something's going to happen".

116. I started to walk around, then I heard the Voice of God speak, said, "Get out of the way, quickly". Roy Roberson standing there, knowing he was a veteran of the war, I put my hand on his shoulder; I said, "Brother Roy, hide as quick as you can". Said, "What's the matter?" I said, "Get out of the way; hide".

117. And just started walking around, put my shovel down, turned around took off my hat. And here He come, glory of God falling in a whirlwind that tore the side of the mountain out like that, and blasted and shook the place like that, cut the top of the bushes out; just about three or four, five feet above my head: went back up like a funnel like that, and blasted again, and here it come, three times.

118. Then when it left the third time, Brother Banks come over and said, "That's what you was talking about?" I said, "Yes". Said, "What was it?"

119. I said, "God appears in whirlwinds". I didn't know whether He wanted me to tell the people or not.

120. Then I went on and prayed a little bit. Then He told me I could tell them. I said, "It's judgment striking the west coast". Look at her today. Look what happened a few hours after that: Alaska sunk. And now the whole thing's going under. We're entering into the judgment; mercy's been spurned.


THE ANOINTED ONES AT THE END TIME - Jeffersonville  IN  65-0725M

17. I believe that we are living in the end time. I think most anyone that... The Scripture reader or even a--a believer knows that we are now at the end of the history of the world. There will be no use of writing it, because there won't be anybody to read it. It's at the end of the time. Just when, I do not know. Just how long it will be, not even the Angels of heaven knows that minute or hour. But we been told by the Lord Jesus that when these things that we see now begin to come to pass, then to lift up our heads for our redemption is drawing nigh.

18. Now, what drawing nigh means, I do not know. May mean, as the scientist said the other day on the television, speaking of the great thousands-of-miles break in the earth that's going to sink... He was asked the question, "It could sink there (that's Los Angeles, the west coast)?" And many of you seen how they followed it with radar, and went up through--broke in below San Jose, went across over into Alaska, out through the Aleutian Islands, about two hundred miles out into the sea, and come back down into San Diego, went around in behind Los Angeles, and come up there, a great pocket. And all these earthquakes we've been having is the volcanic hitting this great hollow dipper like, in there. I can't call the name that they--they called it. However, when that shakes, that gives these earthquakes we been having for years on the west coast. Now, it's cracked all the way around.

19. And the scientist said... One--the man said to the other, "That could fall in?"

He said, "Not could, but it will". Said, "But not in our generation, perhaps?" Said, "In the next five minutes or the next five years. We don't know just when".

101. "Oh, you false teachers, so saith God, someday you'll reap what you're sowing, you blind leaders of the blind." I'm not angry; I'm just telling you a Truth. And I wouldn't have said this if up there in that room if the Holy Spirit didn't say, "Say it in that manner".

127. What'd I say just before this big happening here in--in California? "You people here in Los Angeles, ever year when I come back there's more bobbed haired women and sissified men than there was the first place, more preachers going into organization. You're not without excuse. If the mighty works had been done in Sodom and Gomorrah was done in you, it'd be standing today. Oh, Capernaum, thou who callest yourself by the name of the angels, Los Angeles..." See what's happening? She's going right on to the bottom of the sea. When? I don't know when it's going, but it's going. You young people, if I don't see it in my day you watch; she's gone.




143.  I went westward. Upon that same mountain, passing up with Banks Wood there, said, "Throw up a rock. Say to Mr. Wood, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD, you'll see the Glory of God’".

144. The very next day, standing there, a whirlwind came down and blasted the mountains out. Rocks cut the top of the trees off, about three or four feet above my head. Made three big blasts, and the brethren come running over. There was about fifteen man standing there, preachers and everything else. "What was it?" He said, "What was it?" I said, "Judgment is striking the west coast".

145. About two days after that, the earthquake almost sunk Alaska. What is this Light up on Sunset Mountain in the Coronado Forest of Arizona? What is this strange thing that happened up there that the people's been driving east from west picking up the rocks that laid around there where It struck, and every one of them, every one rock, has three corners on it, that It tore off. (The three are One.) They're laying on desks, on paper weights, across the nation. What is this strange thing upon Sunset Mountain in the Coronado Forest?



A THINKING MAN'S FILTER  -  Jeffersonville  IN  65-0822E

144. "Blind Pharisees," Jesus said. As Jesus cried, "Blind Pharisees," the Holy Spirit in my own heart tonight cries, "Blind Laodicea, how oft God would've give you a revival, but now your time has come. It's too late now. How did you laugh and make fun of the people that God sent to you? But now your time has come. Oh, United States, United States, how that God would've hovered you as a hen does its brood, but you would not". Now, this Voice is going from coast to coast, from north to south and east to west. How God would've hovered you, but you would not. Now, your time has come.

145. Nations are breaking; the world is falling apart. Fifteen hundred mile chunk of it, three or four hundred miles wide, will sink hundred--or maybe forty miles down into that great fault out yonder one of these days, and waves will shoot plumb out to the state of Kentucky. And when it does, it'll shake the world so hard that everything on top of it will shake down.


WORKS IS FAITH EXPRESSED  -  Shreveport  LA  65-1126

60. I said, "I don't want to tell you, it was a judgment sign. In a few days a great earthquake's going to strike on the west. And it won't stop. California, Los Angeles will sink. It's going down. It'll slide right into the ocean". And two days after that, the Alaskan earthquake shook Alaska.


THE RAPTURE  -  Yuma  AZ  65-1204

191. Oh, my. I remember just my last message in California where I thought I'd never go back again, when I predicted Los Angeles will go beneath the ocean. And THUS SAITH THE LORD, it will. She's done; she's washed; she's finished. What hour? I don't know when, but it will be sunk. Right after that the earthquakes begin to jerk and bound.

192. You remember, many of you men standing right there, that rock that day when that Angel came down there and that Light and Fire falling from the heaven around the rock when we was standing there, rocks flinging out of the mountain, and falling across there. And she blasted three times hard; I said, "Judgment will strike the west coast." Two days after that Alaska almost sunk.

193. Remember, that same God that said that, said Los Angeles is doomed. And she's finished. I don't know when; I can't tell you.


THINGS THAT ARE TO BE  -  Rialto  CA  65-1205

96. This old earthly body here has got to... It's a... Let me tell you; this earthly body that you think so much of, that you pattern after Hollywood--you're so close to it--it won't be there much longer. You remember, you've heard the prophecy (See?) that the Lord give me; it's going under. Yes, sir. Notice. It will; you just watch. Now, He's never told me nothing wrong yet. And I'll take that to anybody that wants to say. I don't know when or where, but she's done. Judgment hangs over it; there's no redemption for it; it's passed. See?




San Bernardino  CA  65-1206

295. Oh, my, people, where are we at? Nations are breaking, Israel's awak'ning, The signs that the prophets foretold; The Gentile days numbered, With horrors encumbered”; (Watch her slide into the sea.)


LEADERSHIP  -  Covina  CA  65-1207

326. Look here. Do you know what the Lord says about Los Angeles and these places here? "She's gone." You remember what I told you about two years ago, how that earthquake would come in Canada, up here in Alaska? I also tell you that "Hollywood and Los Angeles is sliding into the ocean. California, you're doomed, not only California; but you, world, you're doomed. Church, unless you get right with God, you're doomed". THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT.



LIVING THE MESSAGE  -  Testimony of Billy Paul Branham

  As soon as the service ended, we had a walk. I was keeping my head bow when he asked me: “What’s the matter, Paul?” “Oh, nothing!” I answered. “Don’t you want to go to Africa?” “I don’t know,” I said. “Anyway,” he added: “they won’t let me preach over there. If you don’t want to go, if you are afraid to leave Loyce and the kids, you don’t need to go”. “This is not the point, daddy,” he said: “what’s the matter, then, Paul?” “Daddy, can you remember what you told me when I was a little boy when you told me about Lord’s Angel?” I answer. “Yes, I do”. “Through all these years you taught me that I must respect when God speaks. “Yes”. You told me that when a message come in language prophecy, or in interpretation I must respect this”. And I added: “Daddy, I don’t understand. It’s confused”. He said: “Why confused, Paul?” I said: “You had just preached over there and you had told me in advance that Florence would die and you told all people in the country that Florence would die. You told her and Demos and then the brother gets up during the meeting and said: “THUSH SAITH THE LORD, she will not die!” And you remained there, sitting, saying nothing. He said: But I had said what the Lord had asked me to say. Paul, I would like to tell you something. Where are you? Where are we?” “In California,” I answered. “But be more precise” said him. I answered: “In Los Angeles” “Be more precise”. I looked around and said: “We are in the center city of Los Angeles”. He repeated: “Be more precise”. I said: “We are in front of the May Company”. Then he declared to me: “The same God who had told me that Florence would die, told me to say in this moment (I could not be here any more) that you won’t be old before sharks swim where you are today”.




Chapter  20:    This Generation under Judgment



THE INDICTMENT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0707

56-4) 358. I say it on this tape and for this audience; I say this under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, "Who's on the Lord's side? Let him come under this Word". God will surely bring this wicked, Christ-denying, Christ-rejecting generation into judgment for blasphemy, the crucifixion of His identified Word. You're coming to the judgment. I indict it. "Who's on the Lord's side?" said Moses, "Let him come unto me," when the Pillar of Fire hanging there as an evidence. Who's on the Lord's side? Let him take up the Word, deny his creed, and follow Jesus Christ daily. And I'll meet you in the morning.





172. And here we stand today seeing that very same God do the very same thing. I believe she'll rise in the day of judgment and condemn this generation, 'cause she repented and believed the message that Solomon was preaching, and believed on God. She seen something real.



Chapter  21:    The World is getting mad



GOD'S PROVIDED PLACE OF WORSHIP  -  Los Angeles  CA  65-0425

191. Look at all the televisions and things getting these fictitious things in order. It'll come a time, I predict, that people will be completely totally insane; the world will be. The Bible speaks of such hideous sights as they show in movies today of some prehistoric creature's egg; that's lived in the earth for so many thousands and millions of years, hatch and come forth to some... That's just a minor thing to what's going to happen.



KNOWETH IT NOT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  65-0815

11-8) 69. Let me prophesy something to you just before it comes to pass. The whole world is groping in insanity, and will get worse, and worse, and worse until it'll be a bunch of maniacs, and it's almost that way now.

22-2) 138. Now, watch the spirit following it. There'll come a time in the Name of the Lord, that people will go completely insane. The Bible said so. They'll scream and holler: great hideous things in their imaginary mind... The radios and things, or television programs are producing it. There'll be such things as ants raise up on the earth that'll be as high as fourteen trees. There'll be... A bird will fly across the earth with wings four or five miles across, and people seeing them; they'll scream and holler and cry for mercy; but it'll be the plague. Wait till I preach on those plagues opening up.



22. And then when we open up those, the Lord willing, on those Seven Vials and show those hideous things... Men will be so insane after while, till they'll imagine they're seeing ants the size of a mountain. They'll be tormenting women, be locusts come upon the earth with long hair to torment women who cut theirs off, hair like women hanging down, and long teeth like a lion, stingers in their tail like a scorpion, and so forth, to torment men upon the earth. But then it'll be too late to do anything about it. You get right now. See? Tormenting...



LEADERSHIP  -  Covina  CA  65-1207

330. O God, let me go, Lord. Don't leave me behind, Jesus. Let me go with You, Father. I don't want to stay here on this earth to watch these tribulations coming on. I don't want to stay here in this insanity. I don't want to stand here when hideous sights, the people losing their mind. We look at men trying to act like beasts and look like beasts; and the women trying to look like animals, with the paints on their face. Knowing that these things are predicted to happen, that the thing will, they'll go so insane till locusts will rise up with hair like women to haunt the women, and teeth like lions, and things that You've said; the mental condition of the people will be completely gone. We see it in the making right now, Lord. Help us. Restore us to the sane mind of Christ Jesus our Lord.



Chapter  22:   Mark of the beast



JEZEBEL RELIGION  -  Middletown  OH  61-0319

102. Then one day after sin had took its toll, and God has brought His people to their knees... Jezebel took everything; she wiped it all up; and she'll do it again. That's THUS SAITH GOD'S HOLY BIBLE. She'll do it again. She's right on the throne now, behind the figurehead, twisting it anyway she wants to; and nobody's going to stop her. Certainly, nobody's going to stop her now, because what they couldn't get in the religious circles they cut it--cut it all into politics, and there they done it. Uh-huh, that's exactly what they done. Which the political will be a boycott just exactly back to the mark of the beast, as sure as I'm standing here. See? And the Bible said it.



123. Now, you can see why I'm against denomination religion because it is the mark of the beast. Rome is the head of it, the first one. That's exactly right. And it causes all to take it by joining the daughters; that is the image.


SHALOM  -  Phoenix  AZ  64-0119

33. But speaking here, in 1933, of the pope taking his place out of, or coming out, rather, of Rome, and making a visit to the--the holy lands. He'll also come here.

36. I know it's unpopular, speak against organization, but that's the mark of the beast. That's the thing that's carrying us right into that. It's making an image unto the beast. I don't say that for to be angry. I say that because it's truth, brethren. The day will come when Phoenix will raise up, and maybe I'm gone on, but you'll know that that was THUS SAITH THE LORD.


THE JESUS CAME AND CALLED  -  Tulare  CA  64-0213

163.  Now, I'm going to say something here. I... It's not a doctrine; I'm just prophesying. You know what's happened? It's going to come to a place soon, mark my word, that all denominations are going to have to join the ecumenical council. If they don't, they can't have the support of the council. Therefore, there'll be a boycott that nobody can go to these churches or go to any churches. Unless you have a mark from your own church you cannot buy or sell. You see it. Just as it was, so is it going to be again, a mark unto the beast. And the church shall realize, and that's spiritual people.



Chapter  23:    The third World War


THE MARK OF THE BEAST  -  Jeffersonville  IN  54-0513

30. Now, this is the third Angel's message to the world. And you know what the third Angel's message; it's going forth now in this day. This is the flying of the third Angel message, if you're a Bible reader.

31. There was three woes followed it. The first one happened in World War One. Second one happened in World War Two. You see what we're going in now. All right. We're at the end of the road.

32. Now, let's get this on our mind, just before we read the Scripture. Positionally, we are bound to be at the end age. How long? I don't know; no one does.



THE MARK OF THE BEAST  -  Long Beach  CA  61-0217

53. Now, First World War, Second World War, and now we're ready for the Third World War: brewing everywhere.


WHO DO YOU SAY THIS IS?  -  Phoenix  AZ  64-1227

59. The world has went through a First World War, Second World War, and now it's ready for a Third World War. And it's in birth pains again. But there's only one thing that can bring peace, and that's Christ.



THIS DAY THIS SCRIPTURE IS FULFILLED  -  Jeffersonville  IN  65-0219

18-9) 53. One world war, two world wars, and still moving on to a third one. Certainly. Politics is rotten, corrupted, rotten to the bottom, just exactly what Matthew 24° said it would be: "Nation would be against nation, kingdom against kingdom". All these things would take place. Let's consider this now.



Chapter  24:   They go only in Circle



CHRIST IS REVEALED IN HIS OWN WORD - Jeffersonville  IN  65-0822M

63. And they're going to find out someday that they're not seeing a hundred and fifty million years of light space either; they're going right around in a circle. That's exactly. You're going to find out one of these days that when you go to heaven, you don't fly off somewhere else; you're still right here too, just in another dimension faster then this. Right through this room's coming color. Every color shirt, dress, whatever you got on is eternal, laying right on records, going around and around the world. Every time you bat your eyes, it's right on record. Watch, television will prove that.



Chapter  25:   The fall of Berlin’s Wall



THE END-TIME SIGN SEED  -  Tifton  GA  62-0319

63. There's been a Roman revival. Do you know what happens? If they give the western part, or the eastern part of Berlin back, that puts communism just, or I mean the Roman empire, just exactly in the old circle it was in the time of Jesus. Certainly it does, perfectly.



Chapter  26:   Germany in the final Prophecy




6-3) E 30. I guess the closest that ever come of being that strong again was when I was in Zurich, Switzerland, that time when He showed me that German Eagle watching that English horse rider come down through Africa. And He said, "All have sinned and come short of the glory".



Phoenix  AZ  63-0115

E 110. And I'm here to make known His works and His ways; I've been very reluctant on these things the fifteen, sixteen years I've been on the field. But there's an hour coming now when something's fixing to take place. The message will go to another nation, another people.

But while we are in the Presence of His holy Being... The church in America, I believe, is just about called out. She's finished. She's washed. She's ready, the real church. Hypocrisy still remains on. But the true church was a true church to begin with--the borned again, the predestinated to the call of God.


TESTIMONY  -  Shreveport  LA  63-1128M 

19. The tape ministry is a worldwide thing, everywhere. I think it's one way God has got scattering the Message back into the heathen lands, back in where that it has to be translated. And in Germany, and so forth, they got tapes they go to their congregations of hundreds and hundreds of people; and put little things in their ears, and run it onto a tape. And just as I'm speaking, the minister stands there making the same expressions, and in the other languages, and bringing it out before hundreds. And hundreds are being saved and healed, just through the tapes going out across the world. All in English, but being translated in many, many different language in tribes around the world. We hear from them, back through the mail.


THE MASTERPIECE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  64-0705

193. And I just started to bow my head, and he said, "Wait, the Bride must come again". And I looked, and here they come again. And they passed by, sweet-looking little ladies. They was all looking right at me as they passed by. And I noticed each one was dressed different. And one in the back had kinda long hair hanging down and had it rolled around like this, might been German or something like that. And I watched them. And then, as they started leaving, two or three of them in the back...?... get out of step. And I was going to holler at them, and they was trying to get back in step again. And I seen them just--the vision just fade out and change from me.


THE CHOOSING OF A BRIDE  -  Los Angeles  CA  65-0429E

32-4) 165. Then I just thought I--I just might as well forget it; I was gone. Then all at once, I heard them coming again, and coming upon this side come the same Bride that went around this a-way. Here come them little ladies again, and each one of them was dressed in their national garb from where they come from, like Switzerland, Germany and so forth, each one wearing that kind of garb, all long haired, just exactly like the one at the first.




Chapter  27:    The Latter Rain



DISCERNMENT OF SPIRIT  -  Phoenix  AZ  60-0308

98. Them same inspired prophets said the evening Light would shine, there'd be a former and latter rain together as in the days of grace. Looky here... What is it? The former rain's coming over, and the latter rain is past due. Then it's lapped over, and it's together, the former and latter rain together, the Holy Spirit made manifest by the power and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There you are, coming together, the former... God's grace...

99. He said, "As it was in the days of Noah". His grace was long- suffering. Here it is today, long-suffering, a lap over brings a cloud from the old days and a cloud from this day together. The former rain run in first; the first rain we've had, now here comes the latter rain coming over, the former rain coming over the latter rain, east and west meeting together, both rains falling together, Divine healing plus the Angel of God revealing the secrets of the hearts and bringing everything to pass. Oh, looks like true born children of God would see that.



109-4) 221. See now, why I have been so zealous of the kind of seed that I have planted for the body? The rain's going to fall pretty soon; I mean the real rain. And it's got to have Seed to fall on. I hope I live to see it. Do you understand now? It will be the living Word as it was at the beginning, the spoken Word of God, have His power; for it is in Him in His own body, working His own way. Look to the promises that God gave this body.

123-5) 296. Then in the latter rain there will come forth a Mount Carmel, a showdown: Bible fulfilled to the letter. John the Baptist, His messenger before His face in Malachi 3, planted a former rain and was rejected by the churches, the denominations, the Pharisees and Sadducees in his day. Jesus came and had the Mount Transfiguration showdown. This forerunner of the last days will sow for the former rain. Jesus will be the showdown between denominations and creeds (which is His Word). When He comes, the showdown, the rapture of His Bride... The first was Mount Carmel; the second was Mount Transfiguration; the third will be Mount Zion. Glory.

125-4) 306. We are at the end time. The seeds are sowed now; the latter rain is fixing to come forth.



Los Angeles  CA  65-0429B

25. Last night, the Spirit spoke and said, and about, "The latter rain, former and latter rain, both being poured out in the last days".



45-4) 245. "And it shall come to pass in the last days, I'll pour out my Spirit from on high. The former and latter rain shall come together in the last days".



Page. 377-2  This age started just after the turn of the twentieth century. As it was to be the age in which the true church would return to being the bride she was at Pentecost, we know that there must of necessity be a return of dynamic power. The believers sensed this in their spirits and began crying to God for a new outpouring such as was in the first century. What seemed to be the answer came as many began to speak in tongues and manifest gifts of the Spirit. It was then believed that this was indeed the long awaited RESTORATION. It was not, for the latter rain can come only after the former rain which is the spring or TEACHING rain. The latter rain, then, is the HARVEST rain. How could this be the real thing when the Teaching Rain had not come?   

Page. 379-2  God isn't going to plant a new Church, but is going to bring His original planting back to original seed. He is doing it as stated in verse 23, by the teaching, or "former" rain. Next will come the harvest rain or rapturing faith.







Chapter  28:   The Twin Towers



AFRICA TRIP REPORT  -  Owensboro  KY  53-1109

E 13. So I expect when I landed in--down there that I'd have to find a beaten path to the little hut, but I come to find out it's more modern then our cities are here in America. It's just a beautiful place at Johannesburg. So I thought, "My, this is strange". I thought, "Where's all the David Livingstons? They won't need them around here no more".

And so, they... We went out to the people there, and just as soon as we got to the platform, I happened to notice coming across the top of the people, I guess, Brother Bosworth, I hadn't been there, oh, about five minutes, till a vision started, and I seen a--a bus moving like this over top the audience, and it was something blue, and I just kept watching it, till it got to me. I wasn't saying nothing, because I was tired, and didn't know just exactly where to make my first beginning, the closing to a vision, to close in with the individual to a vision. And I noticed the--the bus coming. It come right close to me real close, and I seen a sign on it said, "Durban". And the bus went out of my sight.

Well, I just started on speaking, and went on, and I noticed, here come that bus again. And I seen it stop, and I seen a boy get on that had one leg about six inches shorter than the other one on a crutch. And he held his leg on this crutch (You see?), and walked like that. He got on the bus, and I seen him coming on like that. That bus come on up close to me and stopped again. Well, I just kept on speaking, if I said, "I'm awfully tired tonight. I'm really worn out." I said, "We're expecting a great meeting here in Africa. We just closed one in New York City, and..."

Now, there's something about New York City. Now, you watch. Remember, there's something about New York City. Don't forget that, you hear? All right. I had just left New York, New York. I said, "I'm so tired". And I watched that. Then I seen this boy again coming, walking across the audience, and he didn't have this crutch under his arm anymore. He was just normal and well, with his leg just a normal size.



Chapter  29:   Germ Warfare



GOD'S PROVIDED WAY OF HEALING  -  Chicago  IL  54-0719A                  

E 42. Diseases are germs. Let me pass something, here quickly, as our time's a going. Listen, did you know the Bible predicts that in the last days, that they'll be a germ warfare? That diseases will break out upon the people, and will fall on everyone without the baptism of the Holy Spirit? But with the Angel or who had charge over these plagues was given orders to touch no one on whom the mark was.




Klamath Falls  OR  60-0709         

E 101. How we thank Thee, that in this great hour, that when all hopes of mortal life has finished... Atomic bombs are laying in hangers, hydrogen bombs, sickness and diseases, germ warfare... O God, and everything the way it is, knowing that the Bible said that man would actually rot in their flesh... But that Angel was given commission, "Don't you touch any of those! Don't you come near those who has the wine and the oil. Don't touch those who has the seal of God upon their forehead".

And we realize that the baptism of the Holy Ghost is the seal of God. For it is written in Ephesians 4:30 "Grieve not the holy Spirit of God whereby you're sealed until the day of your redemption". Lord God, seal this church tonight. Those who are wanting the seal of the Holy Spirit, kiss away every fear, Lord, and seal them with Thy Seal of the Spirit in their hearts, that they'll come forth as newborn babes, crying, "Abba, Father". Grant it, Lord. I commit them to Thee in the Name of Jesus, Thy Son.    



Chapter  30:   The final Revival of the Bride



HEAR YE HIM  -  Phoenix  AZ  60-0313

E 38. Let me say this, if you count me a fanatic from this night on. That very same thing that I'm speaking of will be done. There'll be a power put into the Church, and now is coming in, that the Holy Spirit will so anoint the people, till they'll speak the Word and It'll create Itself right there. We haven't seen powers like's coming into the Church now. I know it for a fact.

"Say unto this mountain be moved. Don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you've said shall come to pass, you can have what you have said". The placing of the Church in position, where the fullness of the power of the Holy Ghost comes into the Church. Then critics mouths will be shut. It'll be a short time. Jesus come right off the mountain, went straight to Calvary. Notice, it won't last long, but it'll be here.


ADOPTION  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-0522E

80. Go right back to Genesis, to the original; what is it? Now, the world and nature is groaning, crying; everything's a moving what? For the manifestation of the sons of God, when true sons, born sons, filled sons speak and their word is backed. I believe we're on the border of it right now. Yes, sir. Say to this mountain, let it be so.

81. "Brother, I--I desire so-and-so, a certain thing done. I'm a believer in Jesus Christ".

82. "I give it to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ". Amen. There's a manifestation.

83. "Oh, brother, my crops are burning up out yonder. I haven't had any rain".

84. "I'll send you a rain in the Name of the Lord God...?... bless your crop". Oh, waiting, groaning, all nature, waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. God ordained it at the beginning. He gave man the domain.

85. He gave Jesus Christ, and Jesus gave it in His Name, with this assurance, "Ask the Father anything in My Name, and I'll do it". Oh, Brother Palmer. Waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God, the position, the church...


A TRUE SIGN THAT'S OVERLOOKED  -  Jeffersonville  IN  61-1112

192. Let the people, let that little flock, that little remnant, that God will give him, let that little remnant go to calling out to God and watch what happens. There'll be a national showdown. There'll be a power that they never seen before. Trouble of it is, this time it's going to be too late for them then. The doors will be closed. So remember, we're at the end time. Pray.


ONENESS  -  Jeffersonville  IN  62-0211

209. Here we are in the end time, coming from the east and west, north and south. What are we doing? Getting ready for that rapture, getting ready for--holding ourselves steady for a few minutes till every fiber is filled with the Holy Ghost. Then She'll go up.


SPIRIT OF TRUTH  -  Phoenix  AZ  63-0118

E 107. You'll never see anything happen greater until you see the coming of the Lord. Now, just remember.


THE THIRD SEAL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0320

183. The--the Bride hasn't had a revival yet. See? There's been no revival there, no manifestation of God to stir the Bride yet. See? We're looking for it. It will take those seven unknown thunders back there to wake her up again. He will send it. He promised it. Now, now, watch.


HOW CAN I OVERCOME?  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0825M

33. Now, I chose this, because that I think that it's a time that we should never let the Spirit of revival die. We've got to keep in revival, constantly revive every day. Paul said he had to die daily that Christ could live. And we must never let that revival die within us.


THREE KINDS OF BELIEVERS  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-1124E

15-1) 84. That's the reason I do believe that when that Bride is called out and elected and set in the Book of Life, there'll come a sound from heaven that'll take such a baptism of the Holy Spirit into that Bride that'll take Her from the earth in a rapturing grace. God promised it.


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  -  Jeffersonville  IN  64-0823M

58. Now, the first thing happens when we're resurrected... The ones which are a-living will just still remain... The resurrection will set in first, the resurrection of those that are asleep. There'll be a wakening time, and those which are asleep in the dust now, not those that are asleep in sin, 'cause they sleep right on. They don't awake for another thousand years. But those who are--are sleeping in the dust will be awakened first, and they'll--these corruptible bodies will put on incorruption in the rapturing grace of the Lord. And then we'll all get together.


THE CHOOSING OF A BRIDE  -  Los Angeles  CA  65-0429E

6-5) 26. I believe it was Elijah one time upon Mount Carmel, after the showdown in a great hour of the crisis, that we're just about to come to right now. Perhaps it may be to you or I tonight, that we make this choice like the Mount Carmel experience. Frankly, I think it's going on worldwide now.



8-6) 39. Notice. But watch when the spiritual Bride when She begins to have a revival, when She begins to come back and line Herself up with the Word of God, watch then again (You see?), how that the Scriptures, at that time there'll be a message sweep out to catch that Bride, catch that woman, elect.



Chapter  31:  The crucified the Second Pull, not the Third



THE INDICTMENT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0707

56-4) 358. I say it on this tape and for this audience; I say this under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, "Who's on the Lord's side? Let him come under this Word". God will surely bring this wicked, Christ-denying, Christ-rejecting generation into judgment for blasphemy, the crucifixion of His identified Word. You're coming to the judgment. I indict it. "Who's on the Lord's side?" said Moses, "Let him come unto me," when the Pillar of Fire hanging there as an evidence. Who's on the Lord's side? Let him take up the Word, deny his creed, and follow Jesus Christ daily. And I'll meet you in the morning.



SOULS THAT ARE IN PRISON NOW  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-1110M

58-3) 339. Now, with our hearts bowed, the Bible said they sang a hymn and went out. Remember, when they did that in the Scripture, it was because they had crucified the ministry of our Lord's Second Pull, and the Third Pull was ready to enter. A few hours after that, He ascended into hell and preached to the lost that had rejected their mercy.  




Jeffersonville  IN  63-1124M 

82. And Jesus Christ, the Word, is at trial today, as it was on the crucifixion. And now, He's on our hands. He's on the hands of the world.

202. Now, the decision has been reached. It's got to be reached; you've got to reach it some way. See? Crucifixion of the Word again, or what are you going to do? Crucifixion of the Word is at hand. Crucify and stop the vindicated Word for--for the denominational sake (like Pilate did, trying to pass off to somebody)... Now, what will you, as an individual, do with the anointed Word, which is called the Christ, the same yesterday...


Chapter 32:   I will run along the path again



THE GOD OF THIS EVIL AGE  -  Jeffersonville  IN  65-0801M

20. Now, I want to say that there's something just getting ready to happen. I know it. Many of you here remember when Brother Junior Jackson come to me a little bit before going towards Arizona of a dream he had? A strange thing... How many remembers that? And the Lord gave us the interpretation, and it happened to the letter. Now, he's just had another dream, something.

21. And the strange thing, a man was here the other day from Oregon. Doesn't hardly know me and was--dreamed the same dream about, that Junior Jackson dreamed, and--and come told me. I--I don't know the interpretation; I'm waiting for the Lord. But I know it's going to be something from God. Just remember that. THUS SAITH THE LORD, it's something coming forth from God. I don't know what it is, really striking, very striking. Frankly, according to the--the dreams that both men...

22. So the Holy Spirit is withholding the interpretation thereof from me. I don't know what to tell the men. But I know God is fixing to do something, and it'll be glorious in our eyes.


AND KNOWETH IT NOT  -  Jeffersonville  IN  60-0815

33-1) 209. And said, "After it quit shaking, I heard a voice". And said, "Brother Branham, it was your voice". Said, "I knowed, just something said to me". Said, "It said, ‘I'll ride this trail once more’".

33-2) 211. And he said, "Scientists there were pouring things in tubes and mixing them". Said, "You stopped the horse, raised up your hands and begin to scream: ‘I'll ride this trail once more’". Said, “The whole earth shook”.

33-4) 212. Said, "Then, all of a sudden," said, "you turned around". Said, That'd be the third time you spoke, but the second time you said, ‘I'll ride’". And said, "You didn't speak like you did; you commanded". Said, "You turned around and called the man by name and said, ‘Get off of here’. You know that no man can ride this road here, without God be ordained him to do it. Get off of here".

33-1) 214. Said, "Then you went on down; that big horse turned around way, as far west as you could". Said, "You stood, raised your hands up like that". Then he started crying. He said, "Brother Branham, to see that horse standing over there, war bonnet and everything like that..." And said, "That breastplate and everything shined". Said, "You held your hands up a little while. And said, "You looked down again, picked up the reins, and said, ‘I'll ride this trail just once more’". Said, "The whole earth shook back and forth like that". And said, "There was no more life left in me. I just fell down by the side of the rock, and I woke up". He said, "What does it mean, sir?" I said, "I don't know".   



Shreveport  LA  65-1128M

6. Now, there's... I was getting pretty old, and I thought, "Will I... Will there be another revival, I'll see another time?" And just remember, from the west will come a white horse rider. We'll ride this trail again. That's right. Soon as we get ready. It's a promise.


ON THE WINGS OF A SNOW-WHITE DOVE  -  Shreveport  LA  65-1128E

209. Brother, as a son of Abraham, I consider not what the doctor told me; I'm going to be well anyhow.

210. The third day I went back; I was climbing up high. And many of you know the vision about the Indian chief riding that little wall to the west.   

225. Why, me an old man, suffered all my life, why did He heal me now? I believe I'll ride this trail again; I got to bring a Message. And I say to my Father tonight (as Junior seen in a--a dream the other night of the wings of this Dove moving in these windows here), Lord, Your servant's reporting for service. Amen, I'm ready.


Chapter  33:     Moses and Elijah



THE FIFTH SEAL  -  Jeffersonville  IN  63-0322

308. And then, notice, these two prophets are exactly Moses and Elijah. See?

315. These two prophets are Moses and Elijah according to their works being repatterned again. That--that has always been their ministry. Now, notice, just as they did... That didn't change them. Remember, nee--these guys never died. Watch just a minute.


THE FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS  -  Jeffersonville  IN  64-0719M

39-4) 217. And at the same time... Now, as soon as this Church, the Bride is drawed together, she's taken up; in that mystery of the Seventh Seal, or the Seventh Seal, the mystery going. And the Jews is called by the mystery of the Seventh Trumpet, which is two prophets, Elijah and Moses. And they come back, and there's where the Pentecostals is all mixed up. They're looking for something to happen, and the Church is done gone, and that's to the Jews.

40-1) 218. Now, I feel in somebody's mind saying that couldn't be Moses. Yes it is. Now, you remember, He can tell me your thoughts. I keep feeling that... All right.

40-2) 219. Let me straighten that out for you. It was Moses, 'cause here's your thought: you say that Moses--it couldn't be Moses, 'cause Moses died. You think it's Elijah; it's Elijah true, when you think it's Enoch. You say, "Moses is already dead." But remember he could come back to life again; he did, eight hundred years later. Several hundred years later he appeared on Mount Transfiguration. You say, "After a man's done dead?" Yes, sir. Lazarus was dead, raised again, and then had to die again. Sure. Even the wicked will be raised up to life again and then have to die the second death. Is that right? So get that out of your mind; it is Moses.

40-3)  220. Watch your ministry, just exactly what Moses and Elijah done; closed the heavens and sprayed fire upon... You know what the thing they done.

41-2) 226. Look, that's not going to be some organization go down there and call the Jews; it's going to be two men, Moses and Elijah, both of them prophets.


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  -  Jeffersonville  IN  64-0830M


134. No. See? No, they're not here; they won't be until the church is taken away, then Moses and Elijah... How many understands that? All right.



Chapter  34:   The End of the World





(THRONE OF MERCY AND JUDGEMENT)  -  Jeffersonville  IN   61-0108

234. That message is to go to all the world, and then the end shall come. Then the end shall be, after this message has gone to all the world.


THE FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS  -  Jeffersonville  IN  64-0719M

45-2) 252. We're here. We're at the end. That's not just some silly thing of a man; that's THUS SAITH THE LORD.





Chapter  35:    Statements about Brother Branham




Followed by, some translated comments on Rev. William M. Branham, written by some famous preachers and personalities in the world.


1)  ORAL ROBERTS: “A humble devout man of God”.           

                                                                                                  (“Healing Waters”, July 1948)



2)  GORDON LINDSAY: “Never had we know of any preacher calling deaf, mutes and blind people to pray for, and then to see those people delivered on the spot... a ministry that was beyond any that we had before witnessed”.                                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                               (The House the Lord built)



3)   JACK MOORE:    “The most gifted of all the evangelist”.

                                                                                                      (“All things are possible” by D.E. Harrell)



4)  TOMMY L. OSBORN:   “He went down and sent a simple man – a prophet. But this time more of a prophet. This time a ‘man-Jesus’”... “God that in this generation, came an other time in human flesh. He  came in flesh like all us, however in particular way in this man, that was His prophet for this generation. He accompanied him by supernatural signs, to wake up yet one time the attention of the world by a sign”.      

   (Brother Branham’s Memorial Services,  January 26, 1966)



5)  GEORGE EKEROTH: “God called the humble man... and anointed his ministry to a degree that within a few short years his name was known in the most remote jungle outstation. Wherever you would go in this world you would find that the name of this messenger has preceded you”.

(Introduction of Morris Cerullo’s Book: “Wind over the 20th Century”)                                 



6)  MR. YVES A. BRAULT:  “In his early years, he (Morris Cerullo) was associated with William M. Branham who came to believe he was the prophetic messenger of the Apocalypse. This messenger emphasized healing in his work. Healing also became dominant in Cerullo's work”.

                                                                                                                                                                               (Morris Cerullo: “End-Time Prophetic Messenger”)                                             


7)  DAVID E. HARRELL Jr.: “William Branham became a prophet to a generation...”                                                              (Book: “All things are possible”)                                             


8)  JAMES MORRIS: “It was Branham, more than any other evangelist, who started the post-World War II fundamentalist faith evangelist healing revival following his encounter with an angel on May 7, 1946.                                                                                                                                       (The Preachers)




9)  THOMAS R. NICKEL: “In Bible days, there were men of God who were prophets and seers. But in all the Sacred Records, none of these had a greater ministry than that of William Branham, a Prophet and Seer of God... Branham has been used by God, in the Name of Jesus, to raise the dead!”                                        

     (“Concerning photograph on front cover”  - Voice - February 1961)                                           



10) JOSEPH MATTSON-BOZE: “Sometimes I was scared because of the sense of holiness that penetrated the meeting, but I never failed to see the gift of God in operation through His servant and to feel the warmth of love that flowed through his ministry”.                     

                                                                  (“The Herald of Faith” - February  1966)




11)  H. RICHARD HALL: “He was the number one. Of all the evangelist who work at present, you set twenty between them to one side and William Branham to the other side and he would prevailed on all”.

     (Interview “Prophet’s Memorial”, - Shield of Faith – Nov./Dic. 1969)                              



12) AN EVANGELIST: “Walk closely to the Lord as Elisha did Elijah, so that Bro. Branham’s mantle may fall on you... in the great revival just ahead”.                                

                                                              (“Coronation Day” - TVD January 1966)




13)  DEMOS SHAKARIAN: “Rev. Branham often made the statement that the only Fellowship to which he belonged was FGBMFI. Often, when called upon to speak at various conventions and chapter meetings, he has travelled long distances to keep those engagements. His spirit of service was an inspiration”. 

                                            (“In Memoriam” - Voice - February 1966)



14)  JACK COE, Jr: “I believe that Brother Branham was a great man of God...”                                                                                  (E-mail - June 26, 2001)                                




15)  GERALD DERSTINE: “I was personally acquainted with William Branham.  He was considered a prophet as he ministered in his days”.                                                            

                                                                                                                                                                                                              (E-mail -  October 06, 2001)                                    



16)  LEROY JENKINS: “I do know that God raises up prophets and preachers for every generation so there is always someone to carry the message”.             

                                                                                                                                                                               (E-mail - October 07, 2001 by June Buckingham)                          




17)  R.W. SCHAMBACH: “Of course, Brother William Branham has been dead for many years but while he was alive he was mightily used of God in the healing revival that swept the world in the 1950’s”.                                                                                                                                (E-mail - October 12, 2001)                                                        




18)  F. F. BOSWORTH:  "When the gift is operating, Bro. Branham is the most sensitive person to the presence and working of the Holy Spirit and to spiritual realities of any person I have ever known”.

(“William Branham, a prophet visits South Africa” - by Julius Stadsklev)                                        



19)   Brother Branham is a channel for more them the more gift of healing; he is also a Seer as were Old Testament prophets.

              (Dr. F.F. Bosworth)                                                                                                                                                



20)  DONALD GEE: “Branham was remarkably accurate, and impossible to deny something of the Spirit of God in his revelations”.

(“Wind and Flame”  -  page. 242)



21)  DEL GRANT:  “… a healing itinerary such as perhaps was never paralleled outside of Christ’s and the Apostles’ sojourns with the sick of their day”.     

                                                                                                                                                                               (“The Voice of Healing”  page. 3  -  January 1949)




22)  W.J. HOLLENWEGER:  “Branham filled the largest stadiums and meeting halls in the world. He was reported in the newspapers, sometimes favourably, often critically, and in fact in most cases unfavourably”.                                                                                            (“The Pentecostals”  -  page 354)



23)      The person universally acknowledged as the revival's 'father' and 'peacesetter' was William Branham. The sudden appearance of his miraculous healing campaigns in 1946 set off a spiritual explosion in the Pentecostal movement which was to move to Main Street; U.S.A., by the 1950s and give birth to the brother charismatic movement in the 1960s, which currently affects almost every denomination in the country.

                                                                                                ("The Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic movements" - pag.372, Grand Rapids:Zondervan, 1988)        




24)  BRANHAM, W.B "Bill" (1909 - 1965): Revivalist preacher who popularised Pentecostalism and "healing" ministries in America. His crusades developed into "prophetic" events which led him to see him self as a prophet in his later years. His influence is important in shaping the Charismatic Movement of the 1980s.

                                                                                             (“Irving Hexham's Concise Dictionary of Religion” - second edition: Regent College Press, Vancouver 1999)



25)     With regard to substance, for example, both Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin point to T.L. Osborn and William Branham as true men of God who greatly influenced their lives and ministries. Unfortunately, Hagin and Copeland are not alone in affirming Branham; Faith proponent Benny Hinn gives him a hearty "thumbs up" as well.

                  (“What's wrong with the faith movement” - by Hank Hanegraaff)




26)     The great man William Branham spearheaded a mighty move of God in the earth for the generations of this hour..."

                         (“Angelic Visitation” - Rev. George Lean Pike Sr.: 11-16-79)         



27)     In the 1940's William Branham was originally accepted as a true prophet of God. years ago, I too accepted Branham as a prophet.

                         ("The Prophetic Movement" - Rev. Robert S. Liichow: 1997)



28)      The dynamic growth of Pentecostalism in the twentieth century is a major feature of the modern religious scene. From its beginning, divine healing was recognized as a critical element of the Pentecostal movement.

Branham is acknowledged as a leader of the healing revival moment. Although little known outside of the Pentecostal movement, his work had tremendous influence on the "prophetic" identity claimed by his contemporaries, today's televangelist, and the whole of Pentecostalism itself.

                             ("The Healer-Prophet": by Dr. C.Douglas Weaver 1987)    


29)    Yet the Lord in his sovereignty and wisdom undoubtedly used them and we have to recognize his power and anointing upon their ministries. The American prophet and evangelist William Branham was, to all intents and purposes, another such man.

                                            ("The History of Pentecost” - by David Littler)       



30)     To many Kingdom theology proponents William Branham was perhaps the greatest "prophet" for the Church's final age.

                                                                                                                                       (An Examination of Kingdom theology - Dominion -, and Latter Rain Theology)       



31)     When he (Steve Hill) first started, I was expecting him to repeat something like William Branham used to teach at his healing crusades.

       ("The Steve Hill Meeting" relates by Dr. Ben Wilson: January 10, 2000)       



32)     Many persons throughtout history have insisted that God spoke to them through angels. I have been reading about one person in particular. The Rev. William Branham, who was an evangelist in the 1940's and 1950's.

                                                                                                                                                                    ("Touched by an Angel" - Rev. Wally Snook: 12/02, 2001)


33)    Paul Cain long ago disassociated himself from Branham but still claims William Branham was the greatest prophet of the 20th century.

 (“The Vineyard Movement: Scriptural or Spurious?” - by David Doherty th. D.)      



34)     I was reading the book: 'A Man Sent From God' written by Gordon Lindsay. It is the biography of William Branham when he moved into the thickness of the anointing that was an his Life as a prophet. He was called to the prophetic office. As he moved into that, he was called to be prophet and evangelist.

                                    ("Different levels of Anointing" - Eagle Vision Ministry)



35)    Halt had been preaching that God was soon going to do "a new thing", and when a number of faculty and students come back from the William Branham meetings in Vancouver, the whole ministry began to seek God earnestly for an out pouring such as they had seen in Branham's meetings.

("The Kingdom Gospel Messenger" - by Don Closen: Vol.8 N.14 - August 1996)


36)     William Branham was demonstrating the original power of miracles.                                                             (Dr. Robert B. Thompson in "Trumpet Ministries")


37)     The original initiator of the revival was William Branham.

                                    ("Laughing Movement" - Dr. Rodney Howard Browne)         



38)    Unlike Hotea Suciu, the young fighter has no good years to remember. Instead, like countless other youths in Africa's political maelstrom, he lives by his gun. And by the pamphlets of Prophet Branham, the Kentuckian who claimed to converse with angels. After a scourge of fire, paradise awaits, Branham promises.

                                                                                                ("Leftover arms fuel continent's ruinous wars" - by Paul Salopek: Chicago Tribune - December 23, 2001)                                                                                                                                                         



39)    That there were healings and supernatural occurrences at Branham's rallies is historically verifiable. That Branham was a "man sent from God," a "prophet to bring the Christian church into final truth.

Branham's acceptance as a great "man of God" by ministers such as Oral Roberts, Ern Baxter, Gordon Lindsay and T.L. Osborn, and the public seems to rest on two factors: his humble spirit and his power to work miracles.

("Evaluation of a Ministry": 1988 - by Personal Freedom Outreach)


40)     William Branham was another evangelist this century who was mightily used of God for a number of years.

      ("Holy Spirit Outpourings" - Martin and Connie Sharlow, Sep. 10, 1999)



41)    From Star City the Bible School was moved to Saskatoon and named Bethel Bible Institute. The leaders were strongly influenced by William Branham's meetings. They perceived that healing is often hindered by demonic oppression. God's solution is that leaders need to operate in the gift of discerning of spirits as did William Branham.

("The 12 Embryonic Principles For Revival From 1948"  -  Jim Watt)


42)   William Branham was a humble, soft-spoken man familiar with tragedy, heartbreak and poverty. Semi-literate by wordily standards, Branham was educated through supernatural occurrences. Simple in his reasoning and poor in his command of the English language, Branham became the leader in the Voice of Healing revival that originated in the late forties. There were many healing revivalists who came to the forefront during this era and each had his or her own uniqueness, but none were able to combine the prophetic office, the supernatural manifestations and divine healing as William Branham did.

· laid his hand on his dead wife after a fatal car accident, and revived her.

· had so much healing power flow through him that his wristwatch stopped.

· had an angel from the Lord appear and speak with him for thirty minutes.                                       (Christian Historical Preservation Society)



43) Two of the earliest and most influential healing evangelists of the mid twentieth century were William M. Branham and Oral Roberts.

                                                                        (“The Healing And Latter Rain Movement” Richard Riss “A survey of 20th - Century Revival Movements” in North America)


44)  There are few men that have affected the Church in modern times in such a way that after almost 40 years ministries still model themselves after, and speak of in an adoring fashion. In the healing circles William Branham is always mentioned as possibly the greatest. You can say Branham was the light at the beginning of the tunnel for Pentecostal healing and miracle meetings. Its no wonder Oral Roberts, Copeland, Hinn and many others look his ministry for inspiration.

                                                                                                                             (William Marrion Branham: “His beginnings and calling” by web-site: Let Us Reason)


45)  William Branham: Faith healer and stated mentor for many leading Pentecostals today.

(Encyclopaedia of Pentecostal Ministries and Preachers)


46)  Branham was welcomed by many Pentecostal churches and Para church organizations such as the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship which was in it's prime during the 1950's. In 1961 the editor of their magazine VOICE said, "in Bible days, there were men of God, who were Prophets and Seers. But in all the Sacred Records, none of these had a greater ministry than that of William Branham".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (Discernment newsletter July/Aug 1998)



47) William Branham was a famous Pentecostal healer and prophet who arose from the ranks of the Pentecostal healing crusades of the 1950s. … Branham led large healing campaigns in America, Canada, and Europe, and was widely honoured as a prophet of God in the Pentecostal movement.

(Branham’s life and beliefs - by David W. Cloud)



48) Largely, unknown today, William Branham was a powerful force in the Pentecostal healing revivals of the mid - twentieth century. This excellent study explores Branham’s activities as a preacher - healer and his place within the broader Pentecostal tradition.

(Dr. Bill J. Leonard)




49)  And they were all amazed, and they glorified God and were filled with fear, saying, “We have seen strange things today!” With these same words from the Gospel of Luke, the Pastor Roberto Bracco closed the reunion held by brother Branham in the church of Rome.                

                                                                                                                                                                          (“Pentecost Revival”  N° 10  page 5  -  October 1954)




Chapter 36:    CONCLUSION


    Through the book of the Prophecies of the End Time, they are clearly and unequivocally proved, that the end-time Message and his messenger William Branham, are sent by God according to the divine biblical plan at 100%. Lord Jesus Christ’s perfect will was that during this time there is should be a prophet, a messenger with a Message like the age of John the Baptist. The motive of Message is to bring back the Bride of Christ, She that have His Name, to the original Word of God.

    Blessed are those who will listen to what the Spirit says to the churches, because the Time is near and mature to His great Return. I invite you to think about these different quotations, to study them for prayer and meditation.

    May God help and blessed us! Amen.

Bro. D’Aloisio Pietro






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